The Jungle Inspired Room Of Your Dreams !


The Jungle Inspired Room Of Your Dreams

Have you ever wanted a to live in the wild ?  Have you ever dreamed of having a room where you can live in your wildest dreams ?

I sure have, so i’m going to let you guys into my childhood dreams for this article.

I remember my first inspiration for a room of this quality was when I first finished watching the jungle book.

I remember loving that movie and the characters so much, it influenced my love for the jungle. Later that year I had built a room with my parents that had resembled the jungle like the ones you see above and below and in the following video attached to this article.

It was one of my greatest accomplishments and it better’d me as a child and into my adult years. The reason I am even bringing up such a random topic, is because I wish for everyone reading this to chase their dreams.

Anything you focus your mind and heart on can become reality. You just have to put the work in needed to fulfill that desire.

My desire was to create a room that would enter me into the realm of the jungle. So if your desire is to own the next multi million dollar cheese factory then I say go get it and never stop chasing it till you do.


Jungle Inspired Room

Jungle Inspired Room 347