7 Best Ear, Brow & Nose Hair Trimmers 2018 – (23 Models Tested!)


While you may want to just ignore it, the hair growing out of various parts of your face isn’t going to just go away.

Fortunately, this is where the nose, ear, and eyebrow trimmer comes in.

In this (Updated) guide, we’re going to walk you through the best models of these products currently on the market.

Best Ear, Brow & Nose Hair Trimmers 2018

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1) Philips NT5175/49 Norelco Nose Trimmer

The Philips Norelco Nose Trimmer is an all-in-one shaver that is designed to make quick work of cleaning up your nose hairs, your ear hairs, your eyebrows, and even trimming your neck and sideburns up a bit. The angled design of the trimmer is ideal for reaching into your nose and ears to manage all of the unkempt hairs. Two different sized eyebrow combs also come in the packaging so that you can trim your brows with perfection.

The foil guard that covers the blade is ideal as well because it helps prevent irritation; in fact, friction is limited with the design. This trimmer also features a water-resistant design that is perfect for cleaning the device after you are done grooming. In addition, oiling the device is never a requirement, simply brush away any loose hairs on the trimmer before storing it away.

  • This device is very easy to clean, which means that the cleanup after a trim will be quick.
  • This unit comes with two eyebrow combs as well as a beard comb that are all easy to attach and detach when you need.
  • Using this trimmer to shape your beard guaranties that you get a close trim every time that you.
  • The battery that comes with this device is not rechargeable, so you’ll need to purchase another one when it dies.
  • The eyebrow trimmer does not work very well if you are trimming in the direction that the hair grows.

2) Panasonic ER115 Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer

The next product that we are going to review, which is manufactured by Panasonic, is a nose and ear trimmer that sports a cordless design. This trimmer utilizes a rotary motion to trim the hairs inside your nose and ears with ease. The circular motion is designed to trim the hairs instead of pulling the hairs out, which can be quite painful.

It is designed to be used with both wet and dry shaving, so you can use this trimmer in the shower if you’d like. In fact, the tip of the device can easily be rinsed out under running water when you are done using it as well. In addition, if you have trouble reaching your nose hair with other trimmers, the Panasonic ER115 is designed with a comb that will angle your nose hairs towards the blade as you trim it.

  • A single AAA battery is all this device requires to run and it lasts quite a while.
  • This trimmer is able to get rid of ear and nose hairs without pulling or pinching you during the removal.
  • This trimmer is quite durable; in fact, with proper care, it could last for more than a decade.
  • This model does not come apart fully, which can make it difficult to clean hairs that travel further into the device.
  • You will not be able to use this trimmer for much other than trimming nose and ear hairs.

3) ToiletTree Products TTP-TRIM-4 Sleek Design Nose Hair Trimmer

If you are looking for the best nose hair trimmer for long and unruly hair, then the ToiletTree Trimmer is a product worth looking into. It has a very sleek design that is ideal for travel because it has a subtle look that will not scream that it is a nose hair trimmer.

When you remove the cap, you will see that this device has a simple structure that you place on the inside of your nose so that it can trim the hairs without pulling them. This means that you can quickly trim your unwanted hairs without experiencing any pain. This trimmer is designed to utilize two AAA batteries to function, means that it will be simple to get more batteries when you are in need.

If you have issues trimming your nose hair blindly, there is even a light on this device that can help brighten up the area so that you can trim with ease.

  • It comes with a full lifetime guarantee, which means that they will replace it if anything happens to the trimmer.
  • The shiny exterior aesthetic is quite pleasing to look at; in fact, it features a really subtle look that you’ll love.
  • The light that’s on this trimmer is not really angled properly to illuminate the area that you are trimming.
  • Since the exterior of this trimmer has a shiny design, fingerprints tend to get left behind on the surface.

4) TRYM Nose Hair Trimmer with LED Grooming Light

The Trym Nose Hair Trimmer is another one of the best nose hair trimmer options on the market. It features an aesthetically pleasing design that you can leave right on your bathroom vanity. In addition, this unit is crafted from a durable high-grade steel that is going to last for years; in fact, the company included a two-year warranty with the purchase of this trimmer.

In addition, the blades on this trimmer are also hypoallergenic so if you have sensitive skin, you will still be able to use it. For all of those times when you needed more light to see what you are trimming, this device has an LED grooming light that helps to illuminate the area. This is a battery powered device that utilized two AAA batteries, so make sure that you have a few extra on hand.

  • The battery life is exceptional with this trimmer, but if you need to replace them, AAA batteries are readily available.
  • The simplicity of this trimmers design makes it very easy to use to remove nose and ear hairs.
  • The LED light is very bright, which allows you to see hairs that you may have missed otherwise.
  • This is not a waterproof trimmer, which means that it cannot be rinsed at all to help clean it.
  • It tends to be a little sluggish at times, especially when the battery life has been nearly depleted.

5) Panasonic ER430K Ear & Nose Trimmer

Even though the Panasonic ER430K is considered a nose and ear trimmer, it is actually one of the best brow trimmer options that you can find on the market as well. It has a dual edged blade that makes it simple to trim your brows and other stray facial hairs, and it has a rotary trimmer that is more than efficient for trimming ear and nose hairs. In addition, the cone design of the tip ensures that the blades do not directly come in contact with the skin to help prevent any irritation.

This device can be used in both wet and dry conditions, so if you’d like to trim in the shower or simply rinse the trimmer clean when you are done using it, you can. Cleaning this trimmer should not take a lot of effort because it comes with a smart vacuum system that sucks up any trimmings that come in contact with the tip and stores them in a small chamber until you are ready to empty it.

  • This trimmer sports an ergonomic design so that you always have a good grip, even when your hands are wet.
  • The fact that this trimmer vacuums up all of the hair as it is being removed makes cleanup a breeze.
  • This device is very good on batteries; in fact, you can use the same batteries for several months.
  • This trimmer doesn’t cut all of the way down to the skin, so you may see a bit of stubble.

6) Creation Springs Precision Wet/Dry Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer

When it comes to versatility and convenience, this product from Creation Springs brings a lot to the table. Not only does this product have a sturdy barrel, but it has premium components like stainless steel blades that cut closely without irritating the sensitive skin in the nose or the ears. For the sake of convenience, this product also comes with a stand that will also keep all of the extra components of the trimmer in a well-organized position so that you can just grab them when they’re needed.

Speaking of the extra components, this nose and ear hair trimmer also features an eyebrow trimmer that you can attach to the body of the device. This is one of the best brow trimmer options for a device of this type because usually these types of devices are only designed for the ear or nose. The product is powered by a single AA battery that will power the trimmer through months of daily use.

If you want to use this product in the shower, you can – it’s fully water-resistant. Creation Springs has also provided an extra set of nose trimming blades and the AA battery that powers the device is included as well.

  • This nose hair trimmer has a very easy-to-grip design that is very ergonomic and comfortable.
  • This product also includes an LED light that lets you see each hair so that you don’t miss spots during your grooming session.
  • While it looks like it’s made of metal, there are actually more than a few components that are made of plastic.

7) Toilet Tree Professional Water Resistant Heavy Duty Steel Nose Trimmer

This toilet tree product has an excellent build quality that ensures that this nose trimmer will last for years, if not decades. In fact, the first thing that you’ll most likely notice is that the product is made of steel; this provides a good amount of heft and durability. The barrel of the trimmer is also fairly easy to grip so that you can easily have a very comfortable trimming experience.

When it comes to functionality, the product includes a bright LED light that can really illuminate the inner area of your nostril so that you can quickly target each hair. The cutting mechanism features some very sharp stainless steel blades that lift the hair and cut without snagging, which makes for a much more pleasant trimming experience.

When you’re getting ready for your day, it’s useful when a grooming product can be used in the shower. This product from Toilet Tree is waterproof so that you can use it this way, and when you’re done with your trimming, simply run it under the water to clean away excess hairs.

  • The barrel and body of this trimmer are completely comprised of steel, which makes it feel like a more premium device.
  • Toilet Tree has included a cap for this product, which goes a long way when it comes to protecting it during travel.
  • As the single AA battery wears down, you’ll definitely start to experience less power in the trimmer.

8) Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7100

One of the best features of the Philips Norelco Multigroom 7100 is its built-in versatility. Simply put, this product has eight attachments; you’re simply going to have a full experience during your daily grooming with a product like this. This Philips Norelco product is designed to not only help you manage your nose, ear, and eyebrow hair, but it’s also capable of body grooming, and the grooming of your other types of facial hair as well.

This is also an exceptional travel razor; it’s compact enough to pack, it comes with a travel pouch, and its lithium-ion battery is adaptable to a variety of worldwide voltage standards. While you’ll need an adapter for charging this Multigroom product in other countries, it’s worth noting that on a single charge, this trimmer will last a full hour. This means that you won’t have to charge it as much during your trip.

  • The Multigroom’s blade tips are all rounded so that they won’t cause irritation as the blades cut hair.
  • This is a goods styling trimmer; in fact, the Multigroom has 18 length settings and eight attachments so that you can achieve a unique look.
  • On a single charge, this product can last for an hour; this is very convenient because an hour’s worth of shaving will span several days.
  • The blades are self-sharpening, which is useful for those that don’t have time for a lot of maintenance.
  • This isn’t a waterproof trimmer, so you’ll have to brush it out after daily use.

9) Elevo 4 in 1 Rechargeable Nose Trimmer

While Elevo isn’t a major name in grooming yet, this trimmer definitely shows that they have some innovative ideas. The first thing you’ll notice when opening the package is that this product comes with four attachments. These include an eyebrow trimmer, a sideburn trimmer, an ear and nose trimmer, and a beard trimmer.

This combination of features makes this product an excellently versatile item to use during your daily grooming sessions. This is also an excellent travel product – it charges quickly via a rechargeable battery, and it is very compact and easy-to-use device. This is even a device that can be run under water for the cleaning process; this is a great way to loosen and flush away excess hair and debris after use.

The blades in this device are made of stainless steel and are incredibly sharp, so you can definitely expect to use this product for years.

  • This trimmer comes with a rechargeable battery that you can charge in the device itself using the included charging supply cord.
  • This is a very attractive trimmer; the body is a mixture of gold and black, which makes the entire device look very stylish.
  • This device has a four-in-one operation that allows you to trim your ears and nose, clip your sideburns, manage and style your eyebrows, and cut and shape your beard.
  • For a travel-style hair trimmer with multiple attachments, it’s a shame that the manufacturer didn’t include a carrying case.

10) Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer

Our final product simplifies things significantly; at least compared to the other products in our guide. This device is a completely analog, manual device that you can twist in order to cut your nose hairs down to size. This product, the Groom Mate Platinum XL, is a bullet-style nose hair trimmer that really is nice and simple; you can even pack it away in a pocket so that you can trim on-the-go.

This type of nose and ear hair trimmer has a lot of versatility, and you don’t have to power it in any way between trimmings. The barrel is textured so that you can quickly and easily turn the device and begin the clipping process. When spun, there are small razor sharp areas inside the head of the device that spin and cut the hairs in a circular pattern.

The device is made of stainless steel, so it’s easy to see that it is designed to last for years, if not decades. If it fails, the manufacturer has provided a lifetime warranty that will replace the product at the company’s cost.

  • This is a very simple device that will allow you to effortless cut away nose and ear hairs.
  • With its small form factor, this is probably the best ear hair trimmer for travel.
  • With its textured body, all you have to do is spin the rings in order to activate the rotary blade system within the head of the trimmer.
  • Despite the company’s claims, you may experience a pulled hair or two when you use this manual trimmer.

Nose, Ear, and Eyebrow Trimmer Buyer’s Guide

Why not just use a shaver?

Simply put, standard shavers without attachments just aren’t designed for the intimate areas of the inner ear or the nostril. For these small areas, you’ll need a dedicated trimmer that has a design that’s made to enter these areas of the body and trim hair. While you can gle a standard shaver to get some coverage, you’re never going to trim the hair as adequately as when you use a dedicated trimmer.

What kinds of trimmer heads are out there?

When it comes to multipurpose facial trimmers, there are typically two types:

  • Rotary Trimmer Heads: These are the cylindrical heads that are usually used on the most popular nose, ear, and eyebrow trimmers. The tips of these trimmers are stubby so that it’s very easy to get them into the ear canal or nasal cavity, and inside this tip, there are two spinning razors that will cut the incoming hairs. Due to its stubby sizing, these are designed not to go too far into your head while you trim.
  • Foil Guard Trimmer Heads: These can also be cylindrical, but will feature a foil guard along the leading edge of the head. This sideways-facing foil captures hairs so that they can be cut easily. The foil itself ensures that there’s no caught skin or pulling.

What is the point of nose hair anyway?

As it turns out, nose hairs provide a kind of the first line of defense against infection from external aspects of the environment like fungi spores and germs. These pathogens get caught in the tiny hairs and eventually die or are expelled from the body. Nose hairs also add humidity to the respiratory system, which is crucial.

The Biology StackExchange has a great page on the value of human nose hair.

What about ear hair?

As we age, dormant follicles all over our body start to spring to life. Ear hairs are some of the dormant follicles that seemingly have a tendency to activate later in life. Genetically, these follicles are designed to help keep us warm, but ear hair also has another purpose: it prevents things like insects from entering our ear canals. The best ear hair trimmer will cut away the majority of your ear hair, but it won’t go too deep and potentially damage your eardrum.

Should you trim away all of the hair in your nose?

Never trim away all of the hairs inside your nose because this hair serves as a major preventer of infection. This means that your nasal hairs serve as a part of your immune system, so never cut them away. That being said, you can definitely trim them down so that they aren’t so obvious.

Should a man trim his eyebrows?

Unless you’re going for that Frida-themed look, maintaining your eyebrows as a man is just as important as a woman. This is especially true if you’re inclined to develop a unibrow. Remember, eyebrows are supposed to be two, so use a trimmer to cut away any hair that’s developing between your eyes.

Additionally, styling fuzzy eyebrows are also becoming increasingly popular. You can use a trimmer for this; they even have guides and settings so that you can trim your brows to your preferred length with relative ease.

Do people notice nose and ear hair?

While you might think that these hairs are hard to notice, they are in fact, very noticeable. When you opt to trim these hairs, you don’t have to go nuts; you can easily just trim away the visible layer so that your nostrils and ear canals don’t look hairy.

Why not just tweeze the hair away?

Plucking nose hairs is not only tedious and painful, but it’s also dangerous as well. When you pull out these tiny hairs, you open up a follicle to infection, and as you might imagine, infections in your face are very hazardous. In fact, you can get what’s called a cavernous sinus thrombosis, which is an infection that can spread to the nerves and the brain.

Are these kinds of devices for both men and women?

Excess hair in the nose, around the eyebrows, and in the ear canals can easily develop in both sexes. As a result, these devices can be used by both men and women. There are even lines of the nose, ear, and eyebrow trimmers that are specifically marketed towards women.

What should you look for in a trimmer of this type?

It’s a good idea not to invest in a cheapo nose, ear, and eyebrow trimmer; these devices tend to break down and snag the hairs that you’re trying to trim. Instead, look for a device that will handle your hair easily and comfortably. These devices will focus on:

  • Ergonomics – While you’re not going to be spending hours trimming your facial hair, it’s advantageous to have a trimmer that’s comfortable to use. With this in mind, ergonomics will make the difference between a chore and a comfortable grooming activity.
  • Power – When you’re trimming your nose and ear hairs, the last thing you want is for your trimmer to pull or snag at the hairs. This is why the motor is very important in these devices; the motor provides the power so that the blades can cut quickly and efficiently.
  • A lifting shaving system – It’s important for the blades to lift the hair before the nose or ear hair is cut. This will greatly reduce the chance of irritation when you’re done, and since irritation can lead to infection, this is a very important feature.

Can these be used for beards?

As a general rule, these devices are primarily for the ear, the nose, and your eyebrows, but there are products out there that incorporate other types of facial trimmers into their design. In these cases, it’s nice to have a grooming device that can work on multiple parts of your face. Just remember to use each attachment for the part of the face that it’s designed for only.

Is it true that that trimming this hair will make it grow back thicker?

This is a myth. As we age, our body hair naturally grows thicker, which is where this rumor started. Feel free to shave your nose, eyebrow, and ear hair as often as you please – it’ll grow back in the way that it’s supposed to grow back.

What’s the advantage of a manual trimmer?

Manual trimmers have a design that can work somewhat like a pair of scissors; you squeeze two handles together so that the stubby tip will work to cut away the hairs inside your orifices. Bullet-style noise hair manual trimmers are activated by twisting the base. As you turn the base section, the blades in the leading edge spin and cut away excess hairs.

These manual trimmers are very convenient when traveling; you can tuck them in a pocket or place some on a keychain. They require no power source and are usually durable enough to last for decades.

Are there corded nose, ear, and eyebrow trimmers?

These types of trimmers are much rarer than other types of trimmers. In fact, the ones that do exist are typically from years past and aren’t as effective as modern devices.

What’s the advantage of a cordless, powered trimmer?

These trimmers offer much more power and convenience than manual trimmers. You can simply turn them on, place them where you want to trim, and turn them off. These trimmers typically have powerful motors and technology that ensures that there is no pulling or irritation.

Cordless trimmers can be charged in two ways: via a wire or via a charging stand. Charging via wire is convenient enough; you simply plug in when the trimmer is low on juice. The chief drawback of this type is that you can easily forget to plug your trimmer in, which can result in a dead battery.

Should you get a trimmer with a stand?

Charging stand-based trimmers, on the other hand, are great for simply setting the trimmer on the stand and forgetting about it; with these trimmers, there isn’t a lot of effort, which is very convenient. You’ll just need counter or sink space to store the stand.

What’s the benefit of using batteries?

Batteries provide another type of wireless functionality and can be very convenient when you’re traveling. When you’re overseas, you may not have access to a voltage adapter. When this is the case, you can simply bring a battery-powered trimmer, and you’ll be able to shave without worrying about not having access to the electricity.

What’s the benefit of water resistance/proofing?

There’s a lot of convenience in being able to do your grooming while you’re still in the shower. When you use a trimmer during this part of your daily routine, stray hairs will get sucked down the drain, and you can even clean your trimmer under the shower stream. These are both practices that you simply can’t do with a trimmer that isn’t at least water resistant.

What are some of the top brands for these types of trimmers?

There are several brands of grooming companies that release some excellent eyebrow, nose, and ear trimmers. Here is a list of the current market leaders:

  • Wahl
  • Panasonic
  • Philips Norelco
  • Toilet Tree
  • Creation Springs

What are the advantages of attachment-based trimmers?

Attachment-based trimmers try their best to do it all. For example, with one of these trimmers, you can simply remove the eyebrow trimmer attachment and attach the nose hair attachment. Both of the attachments utilize the same motor system, but the heads will function completely differently.

These trimmers will also often feature guides that you can attach to the leading edge of the trimmer assembly. These are useful for selecting the precise length of eyebrow you want to style. These are very convenient trimmer types, but when one aspect of the device starts to have issues, many other parts will as well.

What kinds of features would a travel trimmer have?

Travel trimmers should be compact so that they don’t add a lot of space to your packed bags. They should also come with a carry case that will protect them during travel. Additionally, these trimmers should also be easy to charge; some trimmers actually come with international adapters for this reason, which can be very beneficial.

How can you go about safely trimming your nose hair?

When you’re ready to trim, the process is relatively simple. The first thing you should do is apply pressure to the tip of your nose so that it looks like a pig’s. This makes it so that you can see into your nostrils, which means that you’ll be able to see where the hair is in relation to the trimmer’s tip.

Next, you’ll need to gently run the leading edge of the trimmer all around your nose; being careful to cover the entire inside of your nasal cavity. It’s important not to force the head into your nose because that is a sure way to develop nicks and cuts along the inside of your nose. These are the last thing you want because this can cause infection.

What can you do to get rid of the chance of ingrown nose hairs?

Ingrown hairs happen when the tip of a hair becomes sharpened as a result of the trimming process. These hairs then can loop around and pierce the skin on the inside of the nose, which can cause irritation and infection. Men’s Fitness has a great guide on how to solve this issue that’s effective.

To solve this issue, it’s important to first free the hair. Using a moistened rag, rub the skin of your nose where the ingrown hair is located.

This will stimulate the follicle and free the hair from the skin. Next, apply a disinfectant to the wound as well as some antiseptic ointment, which will soften the hairs to prevent more ingrown hairs.

Why do some trimmers have an LED light?

This is a very valuable feature for a nasal or ear canal trimmer. The light allows you to see the inside of the area that you’ll be trimming with a higher amount of clarity than if you were just using a bathroom light.

What other parts of the face can a good trimmer tackle?

When you’re using a trimmer with an eyebrow attachment or blade, you can easily use this part of the product to tackle your beard, style your mustache, or manage your sideburns as well. In fact, since many eyebrow trimmers have guides, you’ll be able to detail these parts of your face as well.

Can you use these if you have sensitive skin?

This will depend on the product. Some trimmers have hypoallergenic blades that are designed to provide as little irritation as possible, but some may still cause issues for sufferers of sensitive skin. If you’re trying to avoid any rashes caused by these trimmers, foil guard trimmer heads have a tendency to cause less irritation to the skin.

How are the hair clippings managed?

While some simply drop the resulting hair to the floor or sink, some trimmers have a vacuum system that sucks the clipped hairs into a compartment. To clean this, you can simply open the compartment and drop the hair clippings into the trash.

Before you start, is there a pregame trimming regimen?

As a general rule, it’s a good idea to thoroughly clean the areas that you’ll be trimming. For the nose, simply run a tissue or wet rag along the inside of your nostril. This will help the trimmer cut the hair without obstruction.

You can do the same with your ear canals, but since these hairs have a tendency to be longer, you can also use a pair of scissors to cut them down a bit before you use the device. Doing so will make the trimming process easier and quicker.

What are some ear, nose, and eyebrow trimming best practices?

When you’re trimming your nose, ear, and eyebrows, always:

  • Make sure you see what you’re doing – A good LED light makes this easy, but you simply want to make sure that everything is covered when you’re grooming. The last thing you want is to have missed a section inside your nostril or ear.
  • Use your own trimmer – Never borrow a trimmer; these products need to be well-maintained because of the danger of getting an infection inside your ear or nose.
  • Keep it clean – Always remember to clean your trimmer after every use. Some trimmers come with a brush, but if your trimmer is waterproof run it under the tap to remove any excess detritus.

Wrapping It Up

We hope you enjoyed our guide on the nose, ear, and eyebrow trimmers. Keeping the hairs that grow on your face in control is made very easy with the products that we’ve selected, so take another look at our reviews and see which device resonates with you.

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