7 Best Water Bottles – (2018 Update) – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews


In this (Updated) guide, we are going take a look at the top water bottles to help you find a one for your hydration needs.

Having a water bottle at your disposal can make it possible for you to have fresh, cold water no matter where you go.

Below is a list of best water bottles of 2018.

Let’s dive in…

Best Water Bottles 2018

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1) Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle

The Nomader Collapsible water bottle is often considered to be the best water bottle for gym use because it is can easily be collapsed into a smaller size that will fit into your gym bag and filled up when you are ready to work out. It is a bottle that is made from durable BPA-free plastic that is designed to accommodate both hot and cold drinks. In fact, you can even freeze the water bottle, so if you plan to go to the gym after work, you can still have some cold water to drink.

The cap features a wide mouth design that is easy to add ice, and the spout has a germ-proof design that makes it ideal for outdoor activities as well. If the water bottle happens to fall on its side, the silicone has a shatterproof design that is 100 percent leak proof. The bottle also has a grip that is designed to help you hold the bottle as well as a strap to carry the bottle with ease.

  • The spout is large, which means that you can easily fill the water bottle without removing the lid.
  • The lid has a leak-proof design that is very convenient for day trips.
  • This is a very versatile water bottle that can hold hot liquids, cold liquids, and even be frozen.
  • The collapsible design can be difficult to roll up at times, especially when you first get the bottle.

2) Brita 20 Ounce Sport Water Bottle

If you are looking for the best plastic water bottle, you may want to find one that has a great filtration system. This 20-ounce sports bottle has a Brita filter that is designed to purify the water, which will remove all of the chlorine and the impurities out of the water. When purchasing spring water is not an option, this filtered water bottle is a great option that you can use at the gym, while you are hiking, or anywhere else.

The bottle itself is crafted from BPA-free plastic that is free of any toxins that may be contained in the plastic of other water bottles. It has a durable spout that you can easily sip your water from, and it even has a carry loop that you can put on your wrist when you need to carry the water bottle outdoors. In addition, this water bottle can be washed on the top shelf of the dishwasher, so that it is ready to go whenever you need it.

The first filter for this water bottle comes with the purchase, but it will need to be replaced after a period of two months or after it has filtered about 40 gallons of water.

  • This water bottle is a great size; in fact, it can easily fit into the cup holder in most vehicles.
  • The filtration system is a great way to remove the chlorine from the water, which makes it taste much better.
  • There is no pour option, so you’ll have to suck on the nozzle or squeeze the bottle to drink.

3) Klean Kanteen Wide Mouth Water Bottle

The Klean Kanteen is one of the best-insulated water bottles on this list because it has a stainless steel design that is great for both hot and cold beverages. The bottle is designed with a double-walled insulated exterior that can even keep soups and stews warm so that you can take lunch with you when you go hiking or hunting in the woods. It can keep it at the temperature that you want for about six hours, and if you use it for an iced beverage cool for a period of 24 hours.

The bottle features an extra-wide design so that you can easily fill it up or add ice to the bottle if you need, and the cap is made from stainless steel as well, so it features a leak-proof design that will never spill in your bag. Since it is made from scratch resistant stainless steel, it will not leave any stains, flavors, or odors in the bottle that will change the taste of your water.

  • The slim design of this water bottle is slim enough to fit into most cop holders with ease.
  • If you use this bottle for ice water, you’ll have cold water nearly a day after you fill it.
  • This bottle has a wide mouth design that makes it easy to clean; it is also dishwasher safe.
  • If this water bottle ends up being upside down, there is a chance that it could leak.

4) CamelBak eddy .75L Water Bottle

The CamelBak eddy water bottle is often considered the best water bottle with straw because it is a BPA-free option that is durable enough to last for quite a while. This 25-ounce bottle features a spill-proof design that had a wide opening that allows you to fill the bottle with ease. It also has a bite and sip design that gives you a great flow so that you can easily drink when you want.

The handle design is great for hiking because you can easily carry the water bottle by the handle, or since it has a slim design, you can easily use a carabiner to connect the water bottle to your backpack or bag if you’d prefer. This water bottle is easy to clean because the top can be removed and taken apart to clean it thoroughly; in fact, it can also be placed in the dishwater to wash it after you use it.

  • The plastic material that this bottle is made from has a very durable design that is shatterproof.
  • The lid and the mouthpiece on this water bottle have a leak-proof design that is quite useful.
  • The straw and the mouthpiece on this water bottle can easily be removed, which makes it easy to clean.
  • You will need to use a bit of pressure when you bite down on the mouthpiece.
  • There is not a cover for the water spout, so you will need to clean it often.

5) Contigo AUTOSEAL Trekker Kids Water Bottles

Looking for the best water bottle for kids? Then, the next water bottle that we are going to review is a great option for a youngster who is a bit too old for a sippy cup, but they still have accidents when they are using a regular cup. This water bottle is comes in several different color options, and it is BPA-free so you can be assured that your kids can drink some water without absorbing the toxins from the bottle.

This water bottle has a relatively small design that is easy for little hands to hold, and it utilizes an autoseal technology that helps prevent spills in your home and in your car. There is a button in the side of the bottle that your kid can simply press when they want to enjoy a drink, and when the button is no longer being held, it will reseal so that no water will be released. This water bottle is also easy to clean, especially since the water bottle and the lid can be washed on the top shelf of the dishwasher.

  • This water bottle doesn’t leak water at all, so it is ideal for a toddler who may spill their drinks.
  • This water bottle is easy to clean, so you can use it for water and juice for your little one if you’d like.
  • The cup is designed like a normal cup that does not require sucking, which is great for a child.
  • Depending on the age of your child, they may have a little difficulty pressing the button.

6) Lifefactory 22-Ounce BPA-Free Glass Water Bottle

The best glass water bottle that we are going to take a look at in this guide is one that is manufactured from Lifefactory. It is a 22-ounce bottle that holds quite a bit of water for you to drink as you need, and since it has a glass design, it is a BPA-free option that is free of toxins. In fact, this bottle offers one of the purest tasting options for water because it cannot absorb any of the tastes or the odors that can be contained in plastic or metal water bottles.

This water bottle has a wide mouth design that makes it easy to wash, refill, and add ice whenever you need. In fact, if you want to add more flavor to your water, it is even large enough to add some fruit slices or tea bags into the bottle. In addition, since the bottle is made from glass, it has a protective silicone cover so that it does not shatter if it is dropped.

  • The glass that this bottle is made from is very durable, which means that it will last.
  • The bottle does not absorb odors, so the water that is in the bottle will taste purer.
  • The handle that is connected to the lid is not as durable as it could be.
  • Since the bottle is made from glass, it is a bit heavier than most plastic water bottles.

7) The Coldest Water Bottle Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Hydro Travel Mug

If you are looking for an insulated bottle that will keep your water cold, then this stainless steel water bottle is a great idea. It is BPA-free so that you don’t need to worry about toxins or odors in your water, and since it is made from stainless steel, it does not get scratches in the surface, which makes it easier to clean.

The wide mouth design is great for adding ice cubes to the water if you want, and it will keep your water cold for a period of 36 hours. You can also keep your drinks warm with this bottle if you’d like, but it will only maintain the heat for about 13 hours of time. In addition, it features sweat-free technology and a cap that does not leak so that you can be sure that your bag will never get wet with your water bottle inside.

  • This water bottle can float in water, which can be nice in a pool or the ocean.
  • It has a handle that you can use to carry the water bottle or connect it to your bag.
  • This water bottle does not leak at all; in fact, condensation will not even be an issue.
  • The size of this bottle is ideal for most cup holders including those in cars and on bicycles.
  • The bottom of this water bottle is rounded a bit, which makes it easy to knock over.

8) Polar Bottle Insulated Water Bottle

If you are looking for the best insulated water bottle for cycling, Polar Bottle has created a great water bottle that is 100 percent BPA-free that can keep your coffee hot and your water cold throughout the day. This bottle can keep coffee hot for a period of 12 hours and water cold for a period of 24 hours. This bottle was actually the first insulated water bottle that was available on the market, and it is still a great option for anyone who needs a water bottle.

When you want a drink, this bottle utilizes half twist technology that allows you to drink from the cup without removing the cap. In addition, this bottle is dishwasher safe, so it is easy to clean, and it can be frozen to keep your water cold for longer if you’d like. This bottle has a high flow, but the cap is designed with a self-sealing valve that is designed to prevent leaks, even when the bottle top is open.

  • There are quite a few color options and styles available to choose from so that you can match your personal style.
  • This water bottle is designed to be used with both hot and cold beverages.
  • There is no top to cover the nozzle on this water bottle, so it can get dirty easily.
  • You will need to squeeze this bottle to drink water, which can be difficult to do.

9) Hydro Flask Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

If you want one of the best insulated coffee bottle options on the market, this Hydro Flask Stainless Steel Water Bottle may be worth considering. It is great for both hot and cold beverages; in fact, it can keep your coffee hot for a period of six hours and your water cold for an entire 24 hours. Since this bottle has a stainless steel design, it will not transfer flavors, which means that your water will not taste like coffee after the bottle is washed.

This bottle is actually only 12 ounces, but it is designed to be that size so that it can easily fit under Keurig coffee makers and other machines that brew coffee. Whether you are drinking a hot or a cold beverage, there will never be any spills or condensation forming on the outside of the bottle. In addition, the outside of this water bottle is designed with a powder coating that is will help you keep a grip on the water bottle.

  • This bottle keeps drinks hot for hours, so if you drink coffee or tea slowly, you won’t need to reheat it.
  • This bottle is designed not to sweat, so if your water will not leave a ring of water.
  • The cap makes it easy to drink water without a hassle, and you can add a straw as well.
  • This water bottle is not designed to be washed in the dishwasher, which may be inconvenient for some.

10) CamelBak Chute 1L Water Bottle

The final water bottle that we are going to review, which is the CamelBak Chute, is a durable water bottle that is designed to be used in outdoor situations. It is 100 percent BPA-free, which means that it will not transfer toxins from the plastic bottle to the water that you are drinking. It also has a leak-proof design that ensures that the water will not spill during your travels.

The spout of this water bottle has an angled design that provides you with a full flow when you are drinking, which is more efficient for hydration. The cap is designed with the threads on the inside of the bottle so that you don’t need to put your lips on the threads. In addition, there is a small handle that you can use to carry the bottle or connect it to your bag with a carabiner.

  • This water bottle holds a good bit of water, so you will not need to refill it as frequently.
  • The opening of this bottle is designed with a wide sizing, which means that you can add ice with ease.
  • There are lines on the bottle that allows you to measure the amount of water that you drink each day.
  • If you do not have the cap on the bottle properly, it can leak a little bit.
  • The water bottle has a wide design that makes it a bit too large for some cup holders.

Water Bottle Buyer’s Guide

Why carry a water bottle with you?

Water is something that each and every one of us needs to drink each day. A human body is mostly comprised of water, so it is important to stay hydrated so that your vital systems can continue to function like they need to for your survival. Carrying a water bottle with you ensures that you will have the water on hand when you need it.

What are the risks of dehydration?

Being dehydrated is something that can cause a lot of issues with your health. It can affect your blood pressure, your heart rate, and other vital functions that you need to live. If you do not treat dehydration, being dehydrated for an extended period of time can even be fatal.

Ideally, how much water should you drink in a day?

On average, you should drink eight to 10 glasses of water a day. If you are an active individual, you will need to drink more than that, but that amount should be sufficient for most.

What are the advantages of drinking a lot of water?

Kidneys need water to function properly, so if you drink a lot of water, you can give your kidneys a boost so that you do not experience any infections or stones in your kidneys. In addition, drinking water is a great way to flush out toxins in your body, so drinking a lot means that your skin will be clearer and you will have cleaner pores. Drinking a lot of water can help you think clearer as well, which can boost your productivity and help you feel less tired.

How much will the average water bottle cost you?

A water bottle is not an expensive investment; in fact, you can often get one for less than $20. If you opt for a more expensive option, you will still save money over time when you use a water bottle over purchasing bottled water.

Do water bottles come in different sizes?

Yes, you can get a water bottle in a variety of sizes. The water bottles on this list range from 12 ounces to 32 ounces, so choose a size that fits your needs.

Why is plastic such a popular water bottle material?

Plastic is a popular choice for many because it is lightweight and easy to carry, which makes it a great option for hiking, going to the gym, and traveling. It is also an option that does not cost as much as other materials.

What are some other materials that you can expect?

In addition to plastic water bottles, you can also find options on the market that are made out of glass or stainless steel.

What does BPA-free mean?

BPA stands for Bisphenol-A, which is a toxic chemical that is often used in the making of plastic materials. When you purchase a water bottle that is BPA-free, you can protect yourself and your family from these toxins.

Why would you want a BPA-free water bottle?

BPA is linked to several different health concerns like diabetes and heart concerns. It can also reduce fertility as well as cause concerns for a young child. Having a BPA-free bottle means that you don’t need to worry about increasing your risk for these health issues. For more information about BPA, check out this article from Healthline.

Can drinks other than water be used in a water bottle?

Yes, you can put liquids other than water in a water bottle. In fact, some are even designed for hot beverages, but you will need to make sure that the water bottle is easy to clean so that the different beverage flavors do not leak into your water.

Do water bottles leak?

Some water bottle can leak, but most of the water bottles that are currently on the market feature a leak proof design. In fact, some of them are even sweat proof so that there is never any condensation on the bottle.

Do you have to squeeze your water bottle to get water?

Some water bottles are designed so that you need to squeeze them to drink water, but there are also bottles that have different designs as well. Some of the more popular water bottles have nozzles that you can suck to get water instead, while others have a pour spout that makes it easy to drink.

What types of spouts are there?

There are several different types of spouts that you can choose from. A popular option is the bite and pour spout that only releases water when you bite the valve, but there is also a push and pull option or a flip cap that keeps the spout open so that you can drink with ease at any time.

Can you drink hot drinks in your water bottle?

Yes, hot beverages are an option for many water bottles, but it is not an option that is available for all water bottles. If you want to use a water bottle for coffee or hot tea, make sure that you purchase an insulated water bottle that accommodated your needs.

If your water bottle has a straw, do you have to use it?

If you want to pour the water out of your water bottle instead of drinking from the straw, you can easily remove the straw. This is great for your hydration, but it also makes it easier to wash the water bottle when you need.

Can you use a water bottle while running?

Yes, you can easily use a water bottle while you are running. Most bottles are leak proof so you will have no trouble drinking from the bottle, and the many have a way to attach them to your person as you run. In addition, if you drop the water bottle during your jog, it will be durable enough to withstand the fall.

Do some water bottles have handles?

Yes, many of these handles are quite small though, so you may need to hold it with only one or two fingers. If you want a strap or a larger handle, there are options available for you to select from.

How do you use a carabiner clip for your water bottle?

A carabiner clip is a small device that is used to attach one item to another. With that being said, you can easily use one of these clips to attach the handle of your water bottle to your bag, your pants loop, or anything else that makes it more convenient to carry your water bottle.

Is it better to have a clear or colored water bottle?

One of the things that affect how warm your water gets in a water bottle is actually the amount of heat that penetrates through the bottle. A clear bottle will not add excess heat, and the lack of dye in the bottle will make your water purer.

Can you get a water bottle that measures how much you drink?

Yes, you can get a water bottle that has ounce markings on the bottle. This means that you can keep track of the amount of water that you are drinking each day.

How are these bottles ideal for the gym?

When you work out at the gym, having a good water bottle makes it easy to stay hydrated. If you happen to run out of water, you can easily refill the water bottle right at the water fountain in your gym.

Can you get an insulated water bottle?

Yes, you can get an insulated water bottle. These are a great option for coffee or hot tea, but they also keep your water cold for an extended period of time. Not all water bottles are insulated though, so make sure that you check the water bottle before you make your purchase.

How long can the best insulated water bottles keep hot drinks hot?

The amount of time that a water bottle will be able to keep your beverage hot will vary. In most situations, you will be able to have a hot beverage for at least six to 12 hours.

What is an insulated water bottle best for?

An insulated water bottle is a great idea for when you need cold water for a long period of time. This means that it is a great option for going hiking or going on another all day excursion where you are going to need to stay hydrated.

Should your kids carry a water bottle?

Yes, your kid can easily carry a water bottle, especially if you are going on a family outing. In fact, you can even have your child carry their own water bottle by attaching it to their backpack so that it is easier to carry.

Are there special water bottles designed for a child’s little hands?

There are smaller water bottles that are designed specifically for kids. These are lightweight models that will be easy for your child to carry, and they have a slimmer design that makes it easier for a little hand to hold. Many of these bottles also have a handle that can be used as well.

What are the benefits of glass water bottles?

A glass water bottle is a great option that has a lot of benefits. The water that you drink out of the bottle will remain fresh because there is no toxins or chemicals leaking into your water because you don’t have a plastic water bottle. In addition, you can easily add fruit to your water without the acid from the fruit deteriorating or fading over time.

Why should you purchase a dedicated water bottle rather than just buying bottled water?

Of course, water that you purchase in a bottle is going to be good quality water, but you do have to pay for each bottle, which adds up over time. In addition, when you drink a lot of water, you will be using a lot of plastic, which is not great for the environment. If you drink eight bottles of water a day, that adds up to 56 bottles a week and that is only the water that you drink.

Instead of purchasing bottled water, you can simply refill your water bottle. If you do not like simple tap water, you can also filter the water before you put it in your water bottle so that there is not a lot of chlorine in the water that you drink. In fact, some water bottles even have built-in filtration systems that you can use.

How can you add flavor to the water inside your water bottle?

Not everyone wants to have plain water all of the time. You can easily infuse your water with fruit or you can add flavor packets to the water before you drink it. There are quite a few different options on the market; Very Well has a list of some of the top flavor options that you can choose from.

Wrapping It Up

Staying hydrated during the day is important, especially if you are outside in the heat. In this guide, we have reviewed 10 great options; all of them are great, but they may not always be the best option for hydration. If you are still looking for a water bottle after reading this guide, take a look at our frequently asked questions and our featured products to help you find the best water bottle for your needs.

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