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Hollywood Star&#039s Selection To Maintain A Pet Lion In Her Home Has Devastating Penalties

When it will come to the wealthy and well known, the motivation to maintain up with the Joneses is a potent one particular. This inkling to possess all things top-of-the-line extends not only to the luxurious residences and vehicles, but to the animals they maintain as pets, also.

Even nonetheless, while most settle for a designer doggy, The Birds actress Tippi Hedren went in a distinct route. Her unique choice of pet really lived with her and her youngsters in their Sherman Oaks, California, house for the duration of the nineteen seventies.

When you see how massively special her pet actually was, your jaw could just hit the floor…

It is surely no magic formula that Hollywood celebrities like to encompass by themselves with the most extravagant goods conceivable. Irrespective of whether it’s a multi-million dollar mansion or the newest luxurious car, almost very little is off-limitations. This lavish life-style clearly does not finish with fancy residences and cars…

Michael Rougier

Not only do the wealthy and well known like to be surrounded by lavish goods at all situations, but some have an affinity for elevating unique animals as pets, also. For the spouse and children of Tippi Hedren, this intended welcoming the king of the jungle into their house.

Michael Rougier


Whilst the actress was best-known for her starring role in Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, not a lot of individuals recognize an additional truth about the Hollywood starlet. During the nineteen seventies, she really owned a four hundred-pound pet lion named Neil!

Michael Rougier


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