24 Details To Style Your House on a Budget

Every once in a while, we get tired of the way our home looks. We feel it’s time for a change, but we aren’t sure what to change, or if we have the budget for it.

It’s easy to think you need a big budget to make considerable changes to your home–furniture and decor can be expensive, after all. And while money definitely won’t hurt, it’s not as important as you might think. Redecorating your home is less about spending a lot of money and more about creative thinking.

If you’re ready to play a bit, then you’ll manage to style your house with just a few cheap details. Here’s what you can try:

Become an artist when it comes to popping colors.

Colors have always been the factor of change in any room. When you wish for an upgrade, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should repaint the room. It’s a cliché move, don’t you think? Instead, you can have fun with colors in specific places or on certain items.

1. Take a good look of the room – what would be the contrasting color that would spice up the space? Red, orange or green items that are strategically placed can do wonders. Even adding red ribbons to your curtains will create an interesting focus.

2. If you don’t feel confident about picking the right color scheme, then pay a visit to a fabric store. Look at the ways they combine colors – find the dominant color of your room and see which accent colors they used with it. A few throw pillows in an accent color can also break the routine. Covering a dining chair seat in a contrasting color would also be a nice solution.

3. Furthermore, look for subtle colors hiding in the room, like a speck of yellow or a hint of blue. Once you use it in items like a rug or an artwork and spread it around the room – it will give a new tone to the room.

4. Lastly, you can go for metallic—it really is a big statement. Brass accents, chrome paint or silver trim can go a long way. Simply applying them on drawer pulls or handles will change things.

Find unexpected decor items.

Almost anything can be turned into home decor, so keep your eyes open.

5. Visit a few charity shops—they’re full of gems that can be turned into the classy decor. Old ornaments, especially animal figures, can be completely transformed if you paint them black or white.

6. The china plates you’ve never used (or even an affordable set you just bought) can serve as wall art. Hang a few plates in a cluster on an empty wall and get a truly chic wall decor.

7. Jute decor will instantly remind you of the beach. Use a jute rope and a glue gun and you can turn any dish or a vase into a rustic decor item.

8. In case you have an old wooden ladder, you can create a truly original decor piece. Clean it up with sandpaper and put a fresh layer of paint. You can then use it to hang blankets or store spare towels.

9. If you have a bit of wallpaper, don’t apply it on the walls. Instead, use a small amount of it to decorate the interior of your bookcases. Some brands have really chic, removable wallpaper that will instantly change the appearance of a bookcase.

10. Don’t throw away wine bottles after a dinner party. Recycle them by washing off the labels with soap and hot water. You can then use them as eclectic vases for a few stems.

11. An old chair that doesn’t fit in with any table or other chairs can serve as an end table or a nightstand. To make it a better fit for the rest of the furnishings, add a new layer of paint.

12. Maybe you’ve noticed that mason jars lamps are big right now. You can make your own stylish light fixtures by finding a YouTube video that takes you through the process. If you have a lot of them and you feel inspired, maybe you could try making a mason jar chandelier.

13. Fridge magnets can be seen on almost any fridge in every household, but you can give a new twist to them. Broken brooches can serve as elegant magnets. Stick a magnet onto the back of old jewelry for a glitzy look in the kitchen.

Choose a small update for a big change.

In case you’re not feeling up for repurposing items, the next step is to buy new ones and replace the old ones. These items don’t have to be a huge investment, but they will bring new life into the room nevertheless.

14. Talking about your front door, a kick plate on it would be both useful and trendy. It’s a broad strip of polished metal placed along the bottom edge of the door. Its role is to protect the door from dog paws and scratches, but it can also be very decorative. Traditionally, you could go for brass, but there are also antique bronze and even black. When you choose the metal finish for this, you can use the same finish for all your exterior hardware. You can also finish it up by browsing for some unique door mats and choosing one to complete the picture of a truly welcoming front entrance.

15. Your kitchen hardware or drawers in the living room can look impressive if you only replace the old handles and drawer pulls. Just make sure you know how many screws each of them needs and how far apart they need to be. It will be more effective if you browse some magazines first to determine what style you want—sleek or recycled? Pulls or handles? You can also check out building salvage stores if you’re trying to achieve a vintage look.

16. A woven basket can instantly add a bohemian feel to the room. They are pretty cheap and easy to find, plus they offer a place for storing your things.

17. If you want an instant and dramatic ambiance in your kitchen, get flexible LED ribbon lighting and install them under shelves or cabinets. You will get installation instructions with the lighting all for under $30.

18. Shower curtains have become a true decorative item of a bathroom. There are many styles you can choose from, with some of them even having a print design. It will instantly update your bathroom. Or you could buy a new, flashy mirror. An interesting frame will also add a fresh look to an old bathroom.

19. Your old couch can look brand new if you buy a new slipcover for it. Don’t worry if the slipcover that you like is too big for your couch—a loose fit is always trendy.

20. A new headboard for your bed is a cheap investment, too. If you get simple, cheap materials, you could spend less than $50 for it. And you’ll get a new bed in return (at least to some extent).

21. Kitchen storage, especially the kind that’s visible on the shelves, is a way to turn your kitchen into a chic room. Get stylish glasses and plastic containers and store pasta, rice, and other foods in them. They will make the space more cheerful and colorful.

22. Candles are another way to lift up the room without spending a lot of money. The more you buy, the more of a romantic setting you’ll get. If you really want an elegant look, then get candles placed in stylish holders.

23. Boring lamps can be easily replaced by sconces. They’re typically easy to install, and better yet, they’re affordable. Sconces come in many styles, so you can choose ones that best suit your preferences.

24. Sheepskin rugs are affordable and can be very handy when it comes to transforming sofas, chairs, and barstools. Everything instantly changes from boring to elegant with a touch of Scandinavian lifestyle. If you contrast the wool with iron furnishings, it would be a huge hit.

Final advice

Adding a bit of style to your home isn’t necessarily a big endeavor. Creativity and the will to experiment are all you really need. Your budget doesn’t have to dictate the extent of changes in your home. You should also be prepared to browse for the perfect item just a bit longer. That way, you’ll find an affordable item that fits perfectly into the room and adds new life all at the same time.

Author Bio

Emma Williams is an Australian writer with a master‘s degree in business administration, who has a passion for anything lifestyle and design related. She spends most of her time redecorating and participating in house projects. As a great nature lover, her biggest pleasure is spending time in a small cottage by the river.


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