5 Colorful Printables To Add A Dose Of Fun To Your Child’s Room

The thing about kids, at least while they’re still little, is that they really don’t care much about the way their rooms are decorated. If you ask for their input, they might tell you what they think. But for the most part, they are happy as long as they have ample room to play and plenty of toys to play with. If you’re in the process of redecorating your child’s room, or you want to punch up the fun factor just a bit, an easy way to do that is with a framed printable. There are lots of free ones available for download, and you can swap them out with others if you want to mix things up during holidays or when the seasons change.

Here at Life As Mama, we love printables! While we can’t share every great one we come across, here are five fun and colorful ones that are totally stellar for your kiddo’s humble abode.

source: Lil’ Luna

1. Create Your Own Sunshine

As the resident rainbow fanatic of Life As Mama, this printable caught my attention. But not just because of the rainbow element. I love the overall message this printable sends. If you want to raise optimistic children, it’s important to show them the good when things seem really bad. Even if they are too young to understand this, or can’t read what it says, it’s a great reminder for us as moms to be cheerful on the bad days too!

Get this printable over at Lil’ Luna, where you’ll find lots of great DIY ideas, recipes and holiday projects.

source: Lost Bumblebee

2. See You Later Alligator

If you hung this printable on your child’s bedroom wall, you could have lots of fun with it. Every time you leave the room, you can read it aloud to your child. He’ll love it so much, and I promise that someday he’ll remember how much he enjoyed you reciting it to him, and he might do the same thing with his own children. You could also ask him to say it with you to practice memorization skills.

Head over to Lost Bumblebee to get this printable, and check out the others while you’re there.

source: Cozy Reverie

3. Think Happy Thoughts

So simple, yet so profound. This printable is a reminder to us and our children to live in a way that makes us as happy as possible. Whenever your child is having a tantrum, just point to this and tell her to change her attitude to a positive one. The more you do that, the more she’ll start adopting the habit of looking at the bright side of every situation.

Stop by Cozy Reverie to download this printable.

source: The Cottage Market

4. Cupcakes For Breakfast

You probably don’t want to encourage the idea of having cupcakes for breakfast, but this printable is so darn cute! For a little girl who loves to bake, or who pretends to bake in her play kitchen, this would be a wonderful addition to her bedroom or playroom wall.

The Cottage Market is where you’ll find this printable, along with some great craft ideas and recipes.

source: Hello, Wonderful

5. Rock Star

Your wild child just might have a future in rock ‘n roll. So start celebrating early by displaying this printable in his room. Whenever he doubts how cool he is, just show him this rockin’ piece of artwork. If he does make it big someday, you can blame this printable as the reason and take all the credit!

Pop on over to Hello, Wonderful to get this printable, and browse the other creative ideas that are there.

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Leena Kollar

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