5 Tips For Hosting The Perfect Brunch At Home

Getting together with friends is always lovely, especially when you’re a mom. When you’re surrounded by children all day, every day, time and conversation with other adults can be so refreshing. And catching up over delicious food makes that time away even better! But instead of waiting for an invitation to a moms’ night out, why not host your own ladies brunch at home? It’s such a great way to connect with other mamas who know what you’re going through and it gives you a way to bring out your creative, Martha Stewart side. You don’t have to be a frequent bruncher to host a fabulous brunch. Just let these tips guide you as your plan for a casual, relaxing day of good friends, good food and lots of fun!


1. Prepare The Night Before

We all know that life is unpredictable. And if you’re expecting guests in your home, you don’t want to be rushed or face a fiasco as you’re getting ready for their arrival. Save time by doing prep work the night before your brunch is scheduled, so you can spend more time enjoying your morning instead of frantically trying to prepare. Make the foods that you can store in the fridge (that will stay fresh), set up the place settings at the table and clean your house as needed.


2. Create A Classic Menu

There are classic brunch dishes that you can never go wrong with. Casseroles, quiches, and salads are always popular, and you can make them as simple or unique as you like. If you’ve got a friend who enjoys cooking, ask for help to cut down on time and stress. Don’t feel guilty if you have to buy one or two foods from the store. Store bought foods like desserts are generally well received. As for drinks, do a seasonal cocktail or fruity concoction that will pair well with the rest of your menu and have at least one non-alcoholic option available.


3. Keep Decor Simple

Don’t fret about decorating your home for brunch. It’s not like it’s being featured in Better Homes & Gardens magazine. Dressing up your table is great, but keep it simple. A pretty vase of fresh flowers, a few candles, and a lace tablecloth will create a centerpiece that’s just right. Besides, once the festivities begin, the table will be covered with the dishes of food, which will fill up your table nicely.


4. Choose Classy Attire

You don’t have to dress for a black tie affair, but as the hostess, it’s always nice to dress up. Brunch is casual and laidback, but it’s also classy and refined. Typical mom duds like jeans or yoga pants aren’t appropriate for brunch. Go with something like a feminine day dress, or a nice pair of dress pants and a blouse. Stay away from sneakers and stick to sandals or low heels. Don’t go overboard (it’s not your wedding day), but definitely make your guests feel like they’re at a place worth being away from home for.


5. Relax!

You can spend days and months planning and prepping for brunch, but make sure it’s all worth it. Don’t worry about the small stuff and just enjoy your time with friends. The dishes will get cleaned (eventually), the house will go back to normal (until the kids destroy it again) and everyone will be so appreciative of your hospitality. Now go and earn that “hostess with the mostess” badge!

Leena Kollar

Leena Kollar

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Leena Kollar
Leena Kollar

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Leena Kollar

Leena Kollar

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