6 Awesome DIY Projects That Will Transform Your Kids’ Bedroom

A child’s bedroom is like their sanctuary, it offers them a space to have fun, grow, and unabashedly be themselves. Even if it isn’t the most extravagant, being able to give your child an awesome room is always an amazing feeling as a parent. The budget-friendly projects on this list are great for crafty parents who have just as much imagination as their little ones.


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1. DIY Starry Ceiling

No childhood bedroom is fully complete without at least a few years of a star-covered ceiling. This DIY may not involve awful glow in the dark stickers, but it’s still reminiscent of childhood wonder. To begin this project, the ceiling is first painted a beautiful, subtle blue color then outfitted with gold painted constellation templates.

This project is a little more in-depth and definitely involves a bit of climbing, but the look on your little one’s face when they see their very own starry sky for the first time, is more than worth it.

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2. DIY Cabin Bed

This DIY bed is so cool you might be inclined to make one for yourself. This project is made using decorative hardwood plywood, more than a few power tools, and tons of creativity. This cabin bed is the perfect accessory to transform a simple room for an adventurous little one.

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3. DIY Crate Bookcase

Why waste money on a boring old IKEA bookshelf for your child’s bedroom when you can create your own out of cheap, simple wooden crates. This project doesn’t require heaps of colorful paint, heavy power tools, or tons of time. All that’s necessary is sturdily and creatively stacking the crates in your child’s room and filling them with their favorite things.

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4. DIY Cactus Clothes Rack

This singular clothes rack may not hold a wardrobe’s worth of clothes, but it sure does look good.

Tip: This tutorial may be in french but a quick run in your browser’s translate feature makes everything perfectly clear in English. The cactus is created by tracing out the shape on a simple piece of plywood and sawing around it, then decorating it with colorful paint and attaching a few knobs. The cutesy rack is attached to the wall using a drill and hooks, making the entire project relatively easy to complete in the span of an afternoon.

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5. DIY Rock Climbing Wall

Perfect for little ones with a sense of adventure and a love of fun, this DIY rock climbing was is a super creative way to liven up your child’s’ bedroom without spending tons of money or undertaking a huge project. The climbing squares are cut using a hand saw and securely attached to the wall in a whimsical pattern using wall studs and a drill.

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6. DIY Ombre Dresser

If you don’t have it in you to build something from scratch, try transforming some of your child’s old furniture into a painted ombre masterpiece. This plain white dresser was easily transformed with a 5 different pink paint colors. You can easily customize your dresser by adding little designs and patterns and making it your own.

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