6 Chic DIY Projects For Renters

When you’re renting, it can be hard to make your home as fun and personalized as you want it. While some rental properties and apartments prohibit painting, other require that tenants refrain from hanging pictures and art using nails. All of these rules can make it hard to decorate, leaving your place feeling a lot less than a home. While you may not be able to permanently alter your place with renovations, you may be able to spruce things up with these great DIY projects.


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1. DIY Ladder Shelves

Another common issue in rentals is storage space, whether you have too many shoes to fit into your closet or you just want to add something cool to your living space, these shelves are the perfect solution. Wooden planks are attached to a simple wooden ladder using screws for this project. It is a surprising DIY that makes a huge difference in any space.

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2. DIY Chat Bubble Welcome Mat

Much like the interiors, the outside of rental homes and apartments have a tendency to feel a little cold and impersonal. This DIY welcome mat will change that in minutes. With a few materials and a little bit of time, you can create a doormat that perfectly represents the fun inside your home.

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3. DIY Instagram Gallery Wall

Move your Instagram feed from your phone to the inside of your home with this fun DIY. The project involves some simple, relatively cheap picture frames and Mpix printed photos but it setting it up is as simple as putting the photos inside of the frames. The best part about this project may be the fact that these pics are hung using heavy duty picture hanger tape, so your walls will be left damage free.

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4. DIY Graphic Laundry Baskets

True. Getting control of your laundry can be a big issue whether you rent or own, but these laundry baskets were too cool to pass up. Regular woven baskets are painted while the typography is created using letter stickers and mod podge. These baskets are perfect for little ones and grownups alike.

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5. DIY Marble Hexagon Coasters

One of the best things about faux marble is that it looks just as great as the real thing for a fraction of a price. These marble hexagon coasters are created using black and white clay and shaped with a hexagon box. It is a super simple project that keeps your tables gorgeous and clean at the same time.

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6. DIY Fabric Wallpaper

Cotton fabric isn’t usually what you think of when it comes to wallpaper, but as it turns out, it’s a pretty creative workaround. Using a bit of printed fabric from a local store along with some liquid starch, you can create your own feature wall using this cheap and simple DIY wallpaper.

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