7 Best Standing Desks – (2018 Update) – 23 Desks Tested!


In this (Updated) guide, we’re going to review The Best Standing Desks for 2018 on the market.

Productivity is the key to a successful career, and the standard desk has an iconic status that many associates with professional life, but did you know that these desks pose a major health problem?

Standard desks promote a sedentary lifestyle and aren’t good for the circulation, which is why the standing desk is becoming increasingly popular.

Here is the list of top standing desks 2018:

Best Standing Desks 2018

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1) UPLIFT 2-Leg Height-Adjustable Standing Desk Frame

The Uplift standing desk is one of the most popular standing desks on the market today. With its amazing controls, great craftsmanship, and quality materials, it’s easy to see why the product is so renowned. This product is a two-legged model that is made of sturdy yet lightweight aluminum that’s powder-coated and stable.

One of the first things that you might notice about this standing desk is that it doesn’t feature a top desk surface. This means that you can customize the standing experience with this product; select a desktop that fits your style and install it on the frame. The frame itself can accommodate any desktop from 26 to 80 inches in width, which means that you can definitely have a versatile experience with this standing desk.

No Uplift desk review would be complete without mentioning the innovative control system that Uplift installs on all of its products. This control unit not only controls the vertical height of the desk, but it also will display the height in inches. Additionally, you can save up to four preset height settings so that you can vary the experience.

  • This is a versatile standing desk frame; in fact, it can accommodate a desktop of 80 inches in width.
  • The control system is elegant; you can even save up to four presets, which is great if multiple people use the desk.
  • It can support up to 355 pounds of weight, which means that you can put a lot on this desk.
  • It doesn’t come with a desktop, so you can expect to spend a lot more for the final desk experience.

2) Stand up Desk Store – Crank Adjustable Sit to Stand Up Desk

Convenience in design is the philosophy behind this product from the Stand Up Desk Store. This fully adjustable desk has a metal construction that has a lot of inherent durabilities so that you can use this product for years. This is a two-tiered product; it has an upper platform that you can use for multiple monitors and computer speakers and a lower platform that’s ideal for keyboards and mice.

This is a wheeled product, so you can move it around the office or the household and show your work or get situated wherever you want to get down to business. To control the variable height, you simply crank a handle – the product can vary from a 29-inch height to a height of 43 inches. One of the best features of this product’s two-tiered design is that it allows you to rest your arms comfortably while you work, which can make long work hours more tolerable.

  • This product is set on casters, which make it easy to transport the desk to wherever you want it to be.
  • This desk is constructed almost entirely of steel so that you can depend on its durability.
  • With its crank, you can convert this desk to a sitting model so that you can rest and work when you get fatigued.
  • You’ll get a lot of exercises cranking this standing desk; it takes about 70 cranks to go from sitting to standing.

3) Stand up Desk Store – Electric Stand Up Desk

If you don’t want to work hard to crank up your desk, then this product, with its electric control system, may be a good option for you. This standing desk is also from the Stand Up Desk Store, and its build and design are great for anyone looking to boost their productivity.

This is an excellent laptop standing desk because of its single-tier desktop; you can rest your laptop on this surface and even use a secondary monitor to serve as an extended display. The body of this product is constructed of durable steel; this means that you can rely on the level of support that this product offers.

In fact, this standing desk has a maximum capacity of 154 pounds, which is perfect for managing a computer and a wide array of peripherals. The control system on this product is also very simple; it consists of two switches that can adjust the height up or down.

  • This adjustable standing desk can be fully converted to a sitting model within 20 seconds.
  • The charcoal frame is beautiful and the desktop is constructed of natural walnut wood, which is very sturdy.
  • The product has a 48-inch wide desktop, which gives you plenty of space for your items.
  • The gloss on the top of the desk can cause problems for some optical mice.

4) VIVO Height Adjustable Standing Desk


Sometimes, when you already have a standard desk, you can simply purchase a converter that brings standing desk functionality without paying for a brand new desk. This product, which comes from Vivo, is an excellent converter for those looking for the standing desk experience. It’s made of strong steel and is well-balanced enough to not do damage to your actual desktop.

When it’s time to deploy for standup operation, you simply pull a lever on the side of the converter. The gas-assisted system will help you quickly convert to a standing configuration that brings the computer tray and monitor stand forward so that you can more easily interact with them from a standing position.

The monitor platform is very spacious; you can fit two monitors on it or even a full laptop and monitor combination if you want. The tray is more than wide enough for both a mouse and a keyboard setup, so you’ll never feel stymied by space.

  • The conversion from sitting to standing takes about a second and is assisted by gas-powered springs.
  • The aesthetic design of this product is very sleek and operational; it’ll look good with any office décor.
  • For a converter, this is a very spacious product that will support larger monitors or dual-monitor setups.
  • Unless you loosen the screws, this product can be hard to push back down into a sitting position.

5) Stand Steady Standing Desk – X-Elite Pro Height Adjustable Desk


Another converter standing desk, the Stand Steady standing desk has a very large sizing variance so that people of any height can use it comfortably. Conversion is very simple: there are two handles on the outside edges of this desk that you simply lift up to raise or lower the converter so that you can sit or stand at your desk. The X-Elite Pro’s entire conversion process takes mere seconds, which means that you can easily switch up your work style on a whim.

The X-Elite Pro can vary from a height of seven inches to sixteen inches when standing. In addition to this, it’s easy to achieve that perfect right angle control scheme that provides the most ergonomic working experience. The conversion process is also very easy; it is fully assisted by a pump system so that you won’t have to apply much pressure at all to the handles and body of the product.

Another great feature of this product is the fact that it comes fully assembled – just take it out of its box, load up your keyboard, mouse, and monitor, and get productive.

  • Conversion is a very simple, pump assisted process that takes about a second to complete.
  • There’s more than enough room for a keyboard, mouse, and monitor configuration on the working area of this converter.
  • At its neutral, semi-flat positioning, this device raises your keyboard a little too high off the desk to be very comfortable.

6) ApexDesk VT60NWC-S Vortex Series 60″ Wide 2-Button Electric Height Adjustable Sit to Stand Desk

When you need a quality, healthy standing experience, you don’t always have to reinvent the wheel. The ApexDesk Vortex is a single-tier desk that provides a lot of great features for those that are looking for a standing desk experience.

The top of this desk is made of cherry wood, which looks absolutely stunning in a working environment. The two legs, which are adjustable, have a cylindrical design and are connected to widely set feet that provide a good amount of stability for your workstation. The cherry top has been treated with a scratch-resistant laminate that will ensure the desktop looks great for years.

This is a fully convertible desk that will allow you to sit or stand via an electronic mechanism. The total variation for the height adjustment varies from 27.5 inches to 45.5 inches, which should accommodate most people looking to stand and work.

  • If cherry isn’t your thing, this product is also available in three additional styles that all look attractive.
  • The top surface of this desk resists damage and scratches thanks to a one-inch thick laminate coating.
  • The frame of this standing desk is made of aluminum, which is a very durable material that is also lightweight.
  • This product includes cable guides, which will ensure that your electronics are well-managed and organized.
  • Adjusting the height is something of a slow process, but you’ll still be working in seconds.

7) Stand up Desk Store – Electric Stand Up Desk


This desk, from the Stand Up Desk Store, has a large sizing and a portable styling that makes it excellent for on-the-go offices. This is also a very sturdy and strong desk; it has a mostly metal construction that is designed to stand up to pressure and support up to 154 pounds. Its desktop is also very attractive; the manufacturers designed it to be shiny and scratch-resistant, and it provides more than enough room for most computer components and accessories.

The desk uses a simple up and down electric control scheme, but conversion is fast so that you can quickly switch from standing to sitting in a matter of moments. The full height variability sees that this product can adjust from 29.5 inches to 45.25 inches in vertical height.

If the gloss black top isn’t to your liking, you can select from several different styling options. In fact, this series of standing desks has nine different styles to choose from.

  • This is a portable standing desk that you can move from room to room via strong, three-inch casters.
  • This product converts from sitting to standing position in about 20 seconds, which is fairly fast compared to some competitors.
  • The desktop is more than spacious enough for multi-monitor setups, for keyboard and mouse combos, and for more than a few peripherals.
  • The wheel locks don’t lock as securely as some might want; you may experience some rolling.

8) Halter ED-258 Preassembled Height Adjustable Desk Sit / Stand Desk


This standing desk converter has a great design for anyone looking to work more healthily but still wants a stylish work environment. This product, which comes from industry-leading Halter, has a beautiful finish on its two-tiered surfaces. Not only are these cherry wood platforms beautifully colored, but they also have a great shaping that makes close work convenient and ergonomic.

The two-tiered design is also an ergonomic consideration because of the fact that this configuration allows you to rest your arms at a comfortable 90-degree angle. Converting this product from sitting to standing is also very simple – just squeeze the handles and the pump-assisted platforms will extend/contract to your proffered height.

This converted has an upward weight capacity of 40 pounds, and it can extend the desktop height to a maximum of 16.14 inches, which provides more than enough sizing options for any user.

  • Even at its maximum standing height, this product is incredibly sturdy and will provide support for just about any user.
  • It has a two-tiered configuration that provides a keyboard/mouse tray and an upper platform for your monitor(s).
  • This is a very aesthetically pleasing product that has a unique cherry wood finish.
  • The gas system can sometimes struggle with lifting the desk if it’s loaded with peripherals.

9) VARIDESK – Height-Adjustable Standing Desk – Pro Plus 36


Our final converter standing desk comes from one of the top names in these types of products, Varidesk. Ergonomics were clearly a major design consideration with this product; it has a two-tier design and has 11 different height positions so that you can find the most comfortable orientation for your workload. The lower deck of this product has a very wide sizing, which allows you to easily fit both a keyboard and mouse on its surface.

The top deck of the two-tiered converter is also very spacious; you should be able to fit two monitors on its expansive area. Its maximum weight capacity is 35 pounds, which means that you’ll easily be able to fit most mice, keyboards, and even laptops on the product’s surface without issue.

When deploying the converter, you simply pull up on the handles, and the spring-assisted product will rise or lower; it’s a process that takes about three seconds.

  • The conversion process is spring-assisted and easy; you simply pull the handle and the process begins.
  • There are 11 height settings for this desk so that you can customize the experience to your most productive height.
  • There’s plenty of room for larger computer keyboards, and you can even run a multi-monitor configuration.
  • Taller people may struggle with this product; its maximum height can still be a little too short.

10) Qwork Mobile Laptop Stand Desk Computer laptop desk

Our final product is perfect if you’re working on a budget. It has a unique design that allows it to be quickly converted from a desktop friendly standing desk to one that is designed to work with laptops instead. In fact, you can even change the angle of the bottom tray if you prefer.

This is also a mobile-friendly standing desk; it comes equipped with four lockable casters that provide a means of transporting the desk from room to room. The body of this product is almost entirely constructed of metal piping that is fairly durable so that it will last for years of use.

The convertible keyboard tray even features a lip so that, when you use it at an angle, the keyboard won’t slide. The tray is also large enough for most keyboard/mouse combinations; you’ll even have enough room for a mousepad.

  • This product converts so that you can use it as both a laptop and a desktop standing desk.
  • This is a very inexpensive item; in fact, it costs a fraction of what many of the current crop of standing desks cost.
  • There is enough room on the top platform to accommodate a larger monitor or two medium-sized monitors.
  • This is a two-tier product that will allow you to adjust the height for a truly ergonomic experience.
  • The body is strong, but you may experience some wobbling from time to time while using the product.

Standing Desks Buyer’s Guide

Why not just sit?

While the standard desks that we’ve come to know and love has been used for generations, they come with a lot of problems. Sitting isn’t something that we are supposed to do for hours at a time, and these days, people sit at their desks at work for eight hours and then go home and sit and surf the net for an even longer period of time.

Standing desks allow you to have better circulation, allow you to move more freely, and will make you more productive in your day-to-day.

Why are sitting desks so problematic?

Sitting for such a long time comes with a plethora of health problems that are completely avoided by using a standing desk or the best standing desk converter for your work. For example, standing prevents deep vein thrombosis (DVT) from occurring.

In fact, this condition, which causes blood clots to travel and cause health problems, even has a name when it’s caused by prolonged sitting: e-thrombosis. This is due to the fact that so many computer users are experiencing the condition. This article, which can be found on Standing Desk FTW, highlights the health issues of using a traditional desk.

What health benefits will a standing desk provide?

While standing at a desk is only nominally more calorie-burning than a sitting desk, there are definitely health benefits according to this Harvard study. This type of desk setup can actually help prevent some of the health risks of sitting desks that include a higher chance of diabetes, cancers, and cardiovascular disease. Sitting desks can even cause orthopedic dysfunction and students that study using these desks have been found to be less engaged than students that use standing desks.

Will these boost productivity?

Based on a recent study done by Texas A&M, productivity tends to spike significantly when people use standing desks. In fact, not only is productivity clearly influenced, but engagement and cognitive performance also will experience an uptick.

Are these desks new technology?

While these desks are often viewed as the latest millennial-supported trend, the concept behind the standing desk is actually more than a century old. These desks were originally conceived as a platform for reading and doing work, but with the advent of the sitting desk and the preponderance of desk jobs, this desk lost a lot of popularity over the years. Now with the realization that sitting desks aren’t the best for work, standing desks that support computers have experienced a boost in popularity.

If you already have a standard desk, how can you stand and work?

Fortunately, if you want this type of experience, you don’t necessarily have to purchase an entirely new standing desk. Currently, there are more than a few standing desk converters that allow you to experience the standing experience on a traditional desk.

Typically, these rest atop the desk’s surface and extend the keyboard, monitor, and mouse platform to a standing height. These are typically inexpensive and offer the same benefits as a standard standing desk.

How much weight can one of these desks manage?

Typically, one of these desks can manage up to 200 pounds for a full sized model. Converters can manage weights up to 50 pounds or so, which is more than adequate considering that these products only need to accommodate monitors, keyboards, and mice.

Are there height variable models?

Everyone stands at a different height, so it’s only sensible to have a height variation feature on the modern standing desk. There are two types of systems that will allow you to adjust the desk’s height to be more suitable for your work. In fact, some standing desks can be converted to sitting desks when you’re ready to relax your feet during a long workday.

What systems help you convert from sitting to standing or adjust the height?

Height variable models of standing desks will typically employ one of two systems in order to better suit your desired height. These exact systems are also used to convert from sitting to standing:

  • Crank – With a crank standing desk, you manually turn a crank in order to lower or raise the desk to sitting or standing height. This system is very reliable and will last for years of usage but may take extensive cranking to find the right work height.
  • Electric – Electric systems are very convenient – you simply press a button in order to raise or lower the desk to the preferred height. Usually, this includes a simple up and down button.

Can you run a multi-monitor setup with one of these desks?

There are standing desks that provide more than enough space to support multiple monitors. That being said, if you’re purchasing one of these for a laptop, space may be at a premium, so you may not be able to fit a few monitors on your desk surface.

Can some convert to a sitting desk?

With extended height variation, both converters and standing desks can sometimes be converted into sitting desks. These types are perfect for those that want to rest their joints from time to time, and they don’t require you to take a break from your work. These sitting/standing desks are becoming very popular and may be the perfect middle ground experience.

Can you exercise with a standing desk?

With a standing desk, you have a better chance to become more active than you would with a traditional sitting desk. That being said, it may not provide a lot more exercise during an average workday. Fortunately, you can use some small exercise equipment with your standing desk, and there are also treadmill desks out there that will add calorie burning to your work routine.

How much will a standing desk cost you?

The pricing structure for a standing desk varies significantly. At the cheapest pricing, you may be able to find a barebones standing desk for about $50 or so. If you’re looking for the full-fledged experience, pricing can extend well into the thousands, but you can find a standard model in the $300 range.

These products can definitely be more expensive than standard desks, which is a result of their height adjustability.

How much will a converter standing desk cost you?

For a converter product with a few useful features, expect to spend anywhere between $150 and $400.

What’s the optimal height for a standing desk?

This will vary based on the user; a six-foot person may want a slightly higher sizing than someone that’s five foot four. Fortunately, height variability is starting to come standard with most standing desks so that you can find the optimal height for your personal workflow.

Are these good for children?

Currently, there are programs happening that are trying to bring standing desks to the classroom. The reasoning behind this is that standing desks are a great way to fight childhood obesity because giving children the opportunity to move will often get them moving.

Teachers will be able to better engage the students using active learning techniques, and it’s been discovered that standing students often have stronger performances during testing.

Do these standing desks burn a significant amount of calories more than a traditional desk?

According to a Harvard study, people burn about 80 calories an hour sitting at a desk. When standing, these same people burn 88 calories an hour. While this may seem slight, over an eight hour period, standing will burn an additional 64 calories a day.

How does one of these desks help prevent DVT?

Deep vein thrombosis has become a major problem as people’s lives become more sedentary. Sitting at a desk all day compresses the veins, which can lead to blood clots forming in the legs. These clots can travel through your bloodstream and cause damage to the heart and brain, so standing rather than sitting is an excellent way to prevent these clots from forming in your system.

Should you wear special shoes when using a standing desk?

If you’re planning on working at a standing desk that doesn’t convert to a sitting desk, it’s a good idea to wear shoes that will support you during your workday. The best shoes for this type of work should have little or no heel and should support the entire foot during your day.

Will these be difficult to assemble?

This will vary based on the product. Fortunately, there are definitely models out there on the market that have little to no assembly. On the other hand, there are also products out there where you will have to pull out the Allen wrench. For the most part, converters will require minimal assembly, but you’ll have to have a surface for these.

What kinds of materials can a standing desk be made of?

The stronger desks will have at least a partial metal construction, but there are models out there that incorporate wood for a sturdy design as well.

What are some useful features that can be included on a standing desk?

A good stand desk will have features that will make your day more productive. As a result, try to purchase a model that has lockable wheels for easy movement.

Additionally, keyboard and mouse trays are very useful with these types of desks, but not every model has them. Cable management is one of the most requested features in standard desks, and this is very useful for standing desks as well. Finally, try to purchase a standing desk that has room for computer speakers and other peripherals that you’ll be using in your work/play.

Are electric desks too loud for a work environment?

In the beginning, the mechanisms that automatically raise and lower the height of a standing desk produced loud noises that could disrupt a work environment. Fortunately, with advances in design, many modern standing desks now have a whisper-quiet operation. As a result, these desks are perfect for busy work environments.

Do these standing desks support desktop computers like standard sitting desks do?

There have been many standard desks that support desktop computers with an extra shelf or space set aside at the base of the desk itself. While this is a very convenient feature, not many standing desks provide this sort of desktop support because of the raise/lower mechanism. Fortunately, with most of these products, there’s ample room underneath the desk to store your desktop machine on the floor.

Can you take these with you as you travel?

When you’re traveling for business or pleasure, it’s good to have a full-fledged computing experience so that you can complete your work as you travel. In this regard, a good converter standing desk is an excellent option because many are designed to be portable. In fact, many fold up so that you can travel with them and then deploy them on a hotel room dresser that you can use as a workstation.

Can you lean on these desks?

Standing for hours can definitely be fatiguing, and many people may take the opportunity to lean on their desk as a way to rest. Full-fledged stand desks typically have a decent upper weight limit that can support a full-grown adult, but this is not the case for every model. If your desk feels wobbly or is made of weaker materials, then avoid putting your weight on it for extended periods.

What types of standing desks are out there on the market?

There are different types of standing desks that conform to your style of computing. If you prefer device or laptop-style computing, then there are desks specifically designed to accommodate the work that you do. A standing laptop desk will have no keyboard tray and will have minimal space for an additional monitor.

The other type of standing desk is designed more with desktop computing in mind. As a result, these desks will have features like monitor stands, space for computer speakers, and keyboard trays. This kind of standing desk will also include cable management and space for a mouse as well.

What are some professions that would make a standing desk ideal?

Standing desks are excellent for just about any profession where workers spend much of their time working at a computer. This means that these are great for writers, marketers, IT professionals, and social media specialists. These types of desks are also excellent for creatives as well and can work excellent for graphic designers and illustrators.

Is a standing desk enough?

While these are definitely healthier options than what’s available with a standard sitting desk, standing desks aren’t the be-all and end-all for physical fitness. These are definitely a step in the right direction but diet and exercise will cause the most changes.

What are some of the top standing desk manufacturers?

These days, there have been a few major brands that have produced some increasingly iconic stand desks. The top manufacturers of these types of products are:

  • Uplift Desk
  • Vivo
  • Egotron
  • Varidesk
  • Apexdesk
  • Vertedesk
  • Jarvis
  • Halter

Wrapping It Up

We hope that you find a standing desk that can provide you with a much healthier workday. The products that we’ve selected include wooden adjustable standing desk models and standing desk converters. Each of the products is top-notch and will provide you with the healthy support you need to be at your most productive.

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