8 Accessories You Need For Your Woodland Nursery

Planning a nursery is one of the best parts of being pregnant and fits nicely into your neurotic nesting phase! Once you’ve decided on a theme, you can spend months scouring craft and decor stores until you get the perfect accessories. If your theme happens to be the popular woodland theme, then we are here to help! Keep reading for some amazing ideas on the perfect pieces you’ll need for your woodland nursery.

woodland nursery

Source: VintageMeetsGlam.com

1. DIY Woodland Mobile

In a nursery, all the little details can pull together the room to make a theme. If you’re going woodland-style, then this mobile will be the perfect addition! Handmade using animal Christmas ornaments, a wood clock surface and some bark from a white birch tree, this Woodland mobile is going to make any baby smile.

Check out VintageMeetsGlam.com for this project and other amazing before and after photos!

Source: WestElm.com

2. Wood Stump

Yes, we just used the word “stump” in a post about nurseries! But truthfully, adding some furniture, like a side table or set of open shelves in natural materials like wood is a great way to tie that woodland theme together! Now, the wood side table pictured above is AMAZING, but it’s also $250. I personally wouldn’t spend that, but I’m hoping it at least gave you some inspiration to find your own (maybe even in your own backyard!).

woodland nursery

Source: Etsy.com

3. Wooden Nursery Letters

It’s still a popular trend to have you new babe’s name or initials in the nursery, so why not embrace that woodland theme with some appropriate patterned wooden letters? You can use fun patterns like the lumberjack check, trees or woodland animals.

woodland nursery

Source: BHG.com

4. Papier Mache Stag Head

This particular piece of decor is made by hand, with papier mache but if you’re not that crafty, that’s ok! You can easily find styrofoam animal heads at craft stores, making this unique wall hanging perfect for a woodland nursery.

Head over to BHG.com for the full tutorial!

woodland nursery

Source: CadenLane.com

5. Woodland Crib Sheets

Bedding is a simple way to incorporate your theme into the nursery, even if your new baby is the one who will probably look at it the most!

woodland nursery

Source: WallpaperDirect.com

6. Themed Wallpaper

Add texture to any room by adding wallpaper, and this particular print makes you feel like there is actual texture by the gorgeous tree print. This ties in perfectly with a woodland theme, and would be great either on an accent wall or for an entire space.

woodland nursery

Source: Contemporist.com

7. Woodland Animal Prints

Nurseries are for sweet new babies and you can never go wrong with whimsical colored prints of animals. There are so many adorable woodland animals that your options are endless when it comes to personalizing your own nursery.

Head over to Contemporist.com for 14 more cute ideas for your woodland nursery.

woodland nursery

Source: ZakkaLife.com

8. Moss Rug

This rug isn’t for the faint of heart, but doesn’t it make a statement!? Bring the outdoors inside with this homemade, pom pom made in varying shades of green to make it look like you’re stepping on a soft bunch of moss. Gorgeous!

You can get the full tutorial for making your own pom pom rug from ZakkaLife.com.


woodland nursery

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