9 Gallery Walls To Give You Major Design Inspo

Since I moved into my fixer upper over five years ago, I’ve been aching to decorate it. There is still a lot of work to be done, but with each new project comes new inspiration! One design trend that I really like is the gallery wall. As someone who doesn’t like bare walls, I can think of no better way to add character to a room than with a wall full of photos! And of course, the perfectionist in me likes layouts that are balanced and even. I’ve found 9 really amazing gallery walls that have definitely given me some design inspiration! Are you ready to add some awesome to the walls in your home?

source: Schue Love

1. Family Photos Gallery Wall

The only photos that are currently hanging on my walls are family photos. I can’t help it- I love my family! Especially my sweet kiddos. It’s really fun to look at snapshots of when my kids were much smaller to see how much they’ve grown and changed. And of course, displaying wedding photos is a sure way to remember your special day. A combination of family photos and wedding photos would be a beautiful way to capture the essence of your happy family.

Take a look at Schue Love to get some tips on creating a gallery wall of family photos.

source: Project Nursery

2. Alphabet Gallery Wall

I love the idea of doing the letters of the alphabet as a gallery wall in a nursery! Doing different sized letters in a variety of fonts will make the layout fun, and you can leave the gallery up for when your baby starts learning her letters. This design works for boys or girls, and can be updated as the child gets older.

Check out more adorable nursery design ideas at Project Nursery.

source: A Burst of Beautiful

3. Overlapping Gallery Wall

One way to add dimension to a gallery wall is by overlapping the photo frames. A “random” layout that still looks balanced will give your space character. Start with a larger piece in the center, and hang varying sizes on both sides for an eye-catching display.

For ideas on decorating a room with a gallery wall, stop by A Burst of Beautiful.

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