How To Baby-Proof Your House Without Sacrificing Style

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Babyproofing is a must, and we often anticipate implementing the safety changes while watching our house go from trendy and stylish to a protective, sheltering prison. We want to feel as good in our environments as our baby’s feel safe. So how do we baby-proof without sacrificing style?


1.Removable/Washable Pillow Covers

When I had my first child, her food pouches, and sticky applesauce hands ruined many of my pillows. I became smarter with the second child and bought washable and removable covers to put over the stained pillows I already had. This way, when a mess occurred, I didn’t have to lose it! I simply unzipped the covers, tossed them in the wash, and gave myself a few days before it happened again.


2. Use A Paint Color In An Eggshell Finish

I never thought that the finish of paint mattered, but then I did my research and found that eggshell paint was the easiest kind to keep clean! Since my walls face the wrath of crayons and dirty fingerprints, I can feel reassured that the marks will wash off easier with an eggshell coating. You can get lots of beautiful paints with an eggshell finish! So don’t shy too much away from the lighter colors.

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3. Cordless Blinds

I moved into a home with lots of windows and blinds. My mom told me the horror stories out there of kids strangling themselves with the blind cords. So downstairs we kept the blinds the way they were and wrapped the cords up high. But upstairs, where the kids sleep, I wanted to be able to put the blinds down at night without worrying — so we chose cordless blinds that are still as stylish as ever! In fact, I like them more than our other blinds!


4. Cordless Hand Vacuum

Okay, so this cordless hand vacuum isn’t exactly “stylish,” but it maintains your home! I truly don’t know how mamas survive without it. I don’t have to be fearful of hardwood floors anymore because no crumbs stand a chance against this quick and easy Shark vacuum! It’s a must-have. It doesn’t keep your baby safer, but it definitely provides a great response to proofing your house against messy children.

Source: kismet_house

5. Layered Area Rugs

Speaking of hardwood floors, sometimes they can be a hazard to a baby on-the-move. Don’t think that you must carpet your home to keep your baby safe. Consider adding layered area rugs for the extra padding you need! I LOVE the look pictured above! Just make sure you use a product like Ruggies to tack down all the lost edges so that your rugs do not become a trip hazard.

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6. Plastic Glassware

We have had many broken glass incidents since kids entered my home. And I really don’t want to always offer my guests plastic solo cups, so the next best thing is fancy glassware that is actually plastic! You can still keep it classy without spending every dinner party on the edge of your seat waiting to hear glass shatter around you.


7. One4One Safety Locks

These safety locks are adorable! We wrote all about them in this post. They are definitely a must-have to your baby-proofing list!

Tell us in the comments how you baby-proof your home while keeping it stylish? 



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