These Felt Letter Boards Are Perfect For Everyday Inspiration & Announcements

Timeless and trendy, felt letter boards are a simple concept with a whole lot of potential. Popular in decades past, these practical message boards are in full-on comeback mode, and that’s in part thanks to Pamela. Pamela is a wife, mother, and thanks to her persistence, perseverance, and vision, she’s now co-owner of her very own business. Felt Like Sharing is a family-run business offering other families the opportunity to express life’s moments in unique ways. These aren’t your average letter boards, ladies. They’re colorful, sturdy, customizable, and the story behind their creation is inspiring. 

The Start

For most of her life, Pamela lived the daily work-life grind we’re all too familiar with. A career, a family, and finding ways to create balance between the two. When felt letter boards came back in style, Pamela fondly remembered similar boards from her childhood. But in a time with color, creativity, and inspiration all around, she also saw potential to follow a passion and an opportunity to change her life for the better. 

felt letter boards
Image courtesy of Pamela & Felt Like Sharing

Pamela’s husband and Felt Like Sharing co-owner, Ryan, jokes the business is all thanks to his wife’s persistence. She thought of something she wanted, and with a bit of wifely persuasion, she convinced her husband to jump on board. Together, they decided to remake and improve the felt letter boards that were quickly regaining popularity. Pamela wanted color, quality, and affordability, and she made it happen with Felt Like Sharing.

The Boards

A letter board from Felt Like Sharing is a sustainable sign choice that is truly built to last. The frames are made from American Oak with a light finish to prevent staining from body oils and lotions over time. The felt is thick, synthetic, and most importantly, rich in color. There are 25 bold and beautiful colors to choose from, and according to Pamela, most shades in the Colorblock Collection are exclusive to Felt Like Sharing. 


With a solid backdrop, Felt Like Sharing also includes quality hanging hardware appropriate for the size of the board, and there are nine different letter sets to choose from. With four different board sizes and all those color options, there are countless ways to personalize each message.

The Growth

Felt Like Sharing officially launched with their original Memo 10″ x 10″ letter board in nine colors in July 2017. It took a lot of planning and perseverance to get to that point, but the company was thrilled to experience almost instant success. Instragammers, moms, teachers, beauty consultants, and everyone else fell in love with the cute and colorful boards. Felt Like Sharing earned unsponsored posts by OhJoy! and Young House Love and ended up selling out of their two most popular colors. 


Since then, Pamela and Ryan have left their old lives behind and have dedicated themselves to their small (but getting bigger) business. Pamela told LifeAsMama,

“Owning my business has opened my eyes to what is possible for us to create. A vision I dream up CAN become reality. Felt Like Sharing has also introduced me to several other like-minded business women. Now in 2019, I feel anyone can own their own business.”

Like many 21st century women, Pamela is realizing she really can have it all when it comes to that work-life balance we talked about earlier. She’s free to be mommy, but she still finds time be the boss babe behind Felt Like Sharing.

“I squeeze in work when I have sitters, when the kids are napping, and in the evening. Having a place to be my creative self helps keep my life balanced.”


Your Inspiration

Whether you’re celebrating a family milestone, looking for living room decor ideas, or need a creative way to display messages for your own small business, Pamela has seen her felt letter boards take on new life with every purchase. 

A college library bought the boards as reusable signage for annual events, a department store uses them to advertise special promotions at their makeup counters, and there’s even a restaurant with an entire wall of letter boards to display their menu. 


They’re perfect for inspirational quotes, social media announcements, flat-lay photography, weddings, parties, and pretty much anything else involving a message, moment, or special memory.

Head to the Felt Like Sharing website to browse through their many colors and pick out your perfect board. Next, the Felt Like Sharing Instagram is a gold mine of inspiration. And don’t forget to snap a pic of your unique message and use #feltlikesharing to share your ideas with others!

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