How to Save On your Child’s Smartphone this School Year 2015-2016 with Gazelle

How to Save On your Child’s Smartphone this School Year 2015-2016 with Gazelle

As the year of technology grows and becomes more fluent in its demeanor we face a present problem which has stricken many families alike.The typical question being should my x year old child own a cell phone in this current age? The answer is yes! No matter what age they may be it is absolutely important that your child has a cell phone and he is five reason why:

  1. Your child’s safety is on the line.

IF you value your child’s life and know how dangerous the world can be nowadays, giving your child a cell phone can knock some stress right off your shoulders. When choosing a phone pick a smart one with GPS modifications so that you also know your child’s whereabouts when calls are not received. If something were to actually happen you would be already 3 steps ahead of the situation and you would come back here, praising at the fact that we told you so!

2.  Cell phone Teaches responsibility at an early age

Responsibility is usually something that is taught when a child gets their first pet. Now there is a way to evaluate your child’s responsibility level. That is by giving them a smartphone at an early age. This builds responsibility because you are putting something of value into a child’s hand. Just remember to tell them that this is their only chance to prove to you that they can take care of their stuff and watch how they keep their phone and themselves out of harms way. Then maybe your child can receive his first pet.

3. Easy way to bond with your tiny ones

What better way to keep up with your child and begin to build a strong relationship then to text them from day to day. Daily reminds of simple things and keeping them laughing via mobile will make you #1 Mother or #1 Father of the year in their lives forever. Start small and let your love expand, maybe you will realize your child can become one of your best friends so easily. Although texting your child can sound like a funny idea, in the long run, but  it will bring trust and they will also think that you are “hip”.

4. Cell phones are convenient

Your child having a cell phone not only will help them contact you faster but also help protect them from using a germ-ridden payphone or even raising themselves by asking a stranger. All the reasons previously stated also so a reason why a cell phone for a young child is important. Looking for a solution to purchasing the perfect phone for your child look at the next tip.

5. Mobile Phone’s have become more affordable and Gazelle is your solution.:

Gazelle is the smarter way to buy smart devices. Gazelle Certified pre-owned is designed for consumers who simply want a device like an iPhone, iPad or Android at a lower cost than retail value. Whether consumers need a dependable, affordable gadget quickly because they broke or lost theirs and aren’t eligible for a discounted upgrade, or just want to avoid the high hidden costs of buying new, Gazelle is proving that buying used is a really smart and safe way to own a smartphone.

Gazelle is the only used gadget provider to offer a rigorous 30+-point inspection on all devices and back every transaction with a 30-day money back guarantee. Buying a used device from Gazelle is easier than buying from a wireless carrier – no contracts and no strings attached. After all, it’s in Gazelle’s lifeblood to provide a great customer experience.

Visit Gazelle’s Website and check back here for more deals! 

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