Humanzee Project: Stalin or Ivanov?

Stalin’s Humanzee Project

Stalin’s “Humanzee project” began in the early 1920’s. The “Humanzee project” was Doctor Ivanov’s original idea — to create a human and chimpanzee hybrid. I know, it sounds crazy right? However, take a few moments to think about this. What was the purpose of this project? Was Stalin or Ivanov the person behind this project? If it was Stalin’s initiative, what were his motives? And finally, did people believe in Stalin’s “Planet of the Apes” army?

To make sense of this, it is definite that throughout history people have believed in a Stalin version of “Planet of the Apes”. Stalin was not the brightest of bulbs as he was responsible for Russia’s Red scares. Also, it is not too far fetched if we consider his actions and motives as a leader. Yet, most historians do not think that Russian government funding of the Humanzee project soldiers was for this reason. In fact, historians agree that this animal-type army would have even sounded bizarre to Stalin. Let us take a look as to why the Russian government would support this project. First, it is certain that the science community was interested in exploring how species were related to one another, and how species sharing similar ancestors could interbreed. With growing awareness of  Darwin’s theory of evolution (1859), scientists were desperate to run experiments to test the evolutionary theory. Hence, word of mouth claims that Stalin himself wanted to help Doctor Ivanov to run the Humanzee project, who had the original idea in mind.  Doctor Ivanov,  like many of the other scientists, was well aware of the DNA similarities between humans and chimpanzees. Behind Stalin, was Doctor Ivanov, who was determined to present to the world a kinship between humans and chimpanzees.

In retrospect, if we are to agree with the historians, then we are supporting the fact that Stalin’s government  simply wanted to test the evolutionary theory. It is true that the “Humanzee project”, was Ivanov’s original idea and motive to help science build a relationship between man and chimpanzee. Yet, considering the project being Stalin’s way to control government is of course more interesting. It is without doubt that Stalin could have used or wanted Humanzee soldiers of superior power and superior intelligence. To set all fantasies aside, the Humanzee project was certainly initiated by Doctor Ivanov, and funded by the Russian government to help support the evolutionary theory. It was not an effort made by Stalin to complete his massive take-over of Russia.

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