Selena Gomez An Inspiration To Females Everywhere

Selena Gomez, the teen star who shot to fame and being the most followed person on Instagram, creating a TV show named “Latina Empire”. Most people will think that there is nothing special about this and it was perhaps inspired by Gomez own life, but it is not.

In fact, this TV show will be based on the life of Ana Cobarrubias, the young woman who had gone through numerous adversities and challenges growing up in a lower-income neighborhood. It was the producing partner of Gomez, Aaron Kaplan’s idea to do the show on Cobarrubias after he seen her speech at Zimmer Children’s Museum Discovery Awards dinner.

Despite growing up with a lot of hardship, Cobarrubias’ stories and words are inspiring. She thinks that the problems faced by most youngsters today are because they do not get the same opportunities as everyone else, especially those who live in the lower income neighborhood.

Gomez and Kaplan then work together with Cobarrubias to film a show with Cobarrubias as the consultant of the project. And by starting this project, Selena Gomez truly deserve the Triple Threat Award that she recently won, and it is inspiring to see her bring up a different and encouraging Latina story to the screen.selena-gomez-revival-promo-pic

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