LeBron James Joins Oculus to Create a Virtual Reality Experience

LeBron James has teamed up with Facebook-owned Oculus VR to develop an enthralling and distinctive virtual reality experience that takes audience through James’s strenuous training regimen. Like car race, this boxing match, and just a music video starring Eminem and The Weeknd some unbelievable encounters have been created with the aid of VR headsets. The collaborative endeavor is comparable to a 360-degree video that users can sit and view rather than an immersive VR work, as users move around the virtual universe and can not get up. The Oculus will soon be published in the start of 2016 for commercial use, so make sure you snatch one of Samsung’s Gear VR headsets in the interim, if you are eager to take a look at the videos. This measure into the athletic universe is an excellent move for Oculus, as it shows the technology isn’t just allowed for gamers, but for sports fans also.

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