Make it Happen 2016

Make it Happen 2016

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What is your mind like? Are you optimistic of each day that comes, or do you let the hours of the day pass? What are you doing? Are you drawing? Are you reading? Are you designing? Are you writing? Are you practicing? Would you believe me if I told you your purpose in this world is to create the life you desire by being consistent, passionate, and dedicated. If I told you that everything that has happened in your life is for a reason to build you up into the person you are destined  to be, would you believe me? Your journey is your story. How are you writing your story? Live the life you desire by making it happen. Go after that leading role, keep practicing your instrument, keep waking up for your 5am workouts, keep grinding for the life and person you see in your mind. If your seeing it in your mind it  is because you, yourself created it. You believed that you where capable of being whoever you thought you where going to be so it became a vision, a dream.

Turn it into a reality each day by taking it step by step. Yeah they’re will be frustration, tears, and people who will try to bring you down. But just like crossing a street to get to your destination, cross the street of frustration by knowing it takes more then one try to keep gaining knowledge and experience to get it right. Wipe your tears and always keep your head held high because this is your world and you’re the superhero; the inventor of your destiny. Those people who don’t believe in you, leave them on the other side of the street and keep crossing. Don’t stop. Make your dreams come true by believing you will make it. Each day your closer then you think. Get out of your comfort zone and try new things. Interact with people you never imagined yourself connecting with. Leave what your use too and try new things. You are never weird for being who you want to be. You are bold and you are brave to not conform nor be someone society wants you to be. You choose to be your own individual self and you grow each day becoming more and more of an inspiration to others. You are releasing your energy to a world for those who are afraid to be themselves. Get inspired through the things that are expressed through the music you like, artist you look up too and explore what the beauty the universe shows through art, sports, films, books, comic books, and so much more. Make 2016 look the way you want. Never let the negative make you settle.If you feel pain it is because weakness is leaving your body. Keep living, and keep going. Make it happen 2016.

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