Mit Dropout Start’s An Anti College – Make School

MakeSchoolAnyone that despises higher education and the cost, your gonna love this! Introducing: Make school. Jeremy Rossmann dropped out of MIT. Within a few years, he and co-founder Ashu Desai, started The Make School, a college replacement program for founders and developers. Rossman can be seen saying, “Our core philosophy is if you teach the same thing two years in a row, it’s got to be wrong because computer science as a field and software engineering as a discipline is moving so fast.” Thats as true as it get, the world advances so fast by the time your out of school and have your four years of education, your pretty much four years behind, just because whatever you’ve learned there is out of date.make-school-hero-fef301c73d09887fb28ecf2738bbbc45

The wake school is the future of education in our eyes. It will have a strong presence in the eyes of millennial’s and people who want to create. It destroys the boundaries of the normal class room and lets you expand your mind to new heights. Rossman says  “The make school presents more general life skills, communication, empathy, understanding the history of tech and then a big segment on ethics. So Uber, what do we think? Airbnb, where do we stand? Is it okay to start a company in that way? Is it beneficial for society? Are the laws out of date? How does this all work behind the scenes?” MakeSchool

To learn more about Make School Click the banner above! They only except 10% of their applications so make sure your ready to be one of the best creators of your time!

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