Mixed Feelings



What is about those plans that never go through

I hang with the crew when in reality I wanna hang with you

I take a shot to remember we’re thru but I end drinking more than two.

I see this dope view only wishing I wasn’t feeling so blue.

I did so much for you, but all you did was make our love into a zoo

You hit up her line as if i’ve been reassigned

Don’t you remember I held you down especially when everyone thought you were just a clown?

I helped you gain back your crown  Don’t forget I helped you turn your frown upside down

Now you’re running all around town acting as if you’ve been apart of the game

Trust me no one’s gonna remember your name, you’ll soon be defamed.

Don’t try to aim the fault on me because all the blame is on thee.

You’ll always stay the same especially with your type of frame.

You’ll never have a good picture to fit so hurry up and sit

Just give it time soon you’ll quit knowing you’ve always been a hypocrite


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