Rare Norm Daily: Song of The Day

Rare Norm Daily: Song of The Day: Post Malone- Whats Up feat. 1st

Rare Norm Daily

Here at Rare Norm, we care a lot about the content we want to put our very diverse audience. We are a group of creative young minds that provide daily in a cutting-edge showcase for discerning art, fashion, music, technology and gaming—and the lifestyles of those individuals whose lives are dedicated to the cultural arts. We are dedicated to having the latest updates on all those aspects of pop culture.

My main focus as a content creator has been to write about music and fashion. When it  comes to music, a lot comes to mind. There’s Rock or Rock n Roll, Pop, Rap, Hip Hop, RnB Jazz, etc. As a result Rare Norm has decided to give you a daily dose of music, with a Rare Norm Daily: Song Of The Day. It’s officially lit.

Here is your very first Rare Norm song of the Day.

Artist: Post Malone

Song: What’s Up

Poduced by: FKi & Charlie Handsome

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