Real Friends. How Many of Us?

imageReal friends. How Many of Us?
When we actually think about it, this world isn’t a joke. They say life’s a game but do some of us even know how to create our own game plan? It’s sad to say but in this world many survive by playing mind games. When hardships come our way, is when we really notice who our true ride or dies are. Who said those around you through the glory are your real friends? Many of them are silent once that glory turns into a pit filled with dirt. Can you really point out who will help you dig yourself out of that hole?How many of you listened to Kanye’s song, “Real friends?” As we know Kanye is the creator of his creativity. He is influenced by his own thoughts and experiences which allow him to create an art in which it speaks out sending out a true message. What many of us go through in our lives not only happen to us but it also happened to many artists. The difference between us and these artists like Kanye is they create a  platform; revealing the truth and what they have faced turning it into creative projects; making it interactive, positive, but most importantly relateable. I wouldn’t say I have a big amount of friends but many of us don’t. Friendship is taken for granted these days. Not many of us are real to our own real friends. If we care so much about what our friends think when we’re trying to be ourselves, should we even consider them as our friend? People who we consider having a close relationship with these days try to be slick and say side remarks but also speak subtly in a way where they are talking about a certain topic but really throwing shade at us. Are some of us able to catch it? I know I’m not the only person that can. If you are worried about doing something that you love because you are afraid of what your “friends” might say, then  they are not your friends and never were. Why do you think parents always have something to say once that friend of ours leaves the house? Some parents over do it but some parents have the gift of knowing what is real and what is phony. Analyze Kanye’s Lyrics to “Real Friends.” Examine your life. Really think about who you spend your time with and how you feel around that person. Think about nights you’ve when out and questioned certain behaviors and observed certain things that raised some red flags to your mind. Don’t ignore but realize and approach it.m


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