Secrets Of The Human Mind

Secrets of the Human Mind


Secrets are a good way to keep friendships and  the truth(s) from others. Our minds also store secrets, but are only available to those who meditate.  Meditation serves a purpose to help focus one’s mind and clear one’s mind of all negative energy. Usually, when to meditate one finds a quiet space, place a mat on the floor, sit with legs crossing over, and place hands together in the center of the body. Then, the person takes deep breaths in and out, while simultaneously focusing on one word (i.e. happiness, joy, peace, love, etc.)

In this state of mind, where the body is relaxed and mind is in the person’s control, the mind is fairly honest and pure– a place in time where no secrets are kept. The secrets that are shared in this moment involve a person’s innermost thoughts, including both positive and negative ones. This might sound weird because it is like saying: the person did not know of the secrets, even though they know themselves very well. However, It is because our conscious minds keep many things from us. The more we focus on say, the negative, the less we think about the positive things in our lives — our mind keeps them stored as children keep secrets from one another.

It is only through meditation that people are able to realize what is missing from their lives, and what makes them truly happy, joyful and peaceful. Meditating allows one to control the flow of thoughts, and in doing so, one discovers what is hidden from him in the conscious state. It is amazing what a person can discover about him or herself. In the world today, we do not think before taking action and cause suffering in the world. I genuinely believe, that if we can control our minds then we can learn to live more harmoniously. 


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