Success is a lifestyle and Comes in All Forms : Chris Lanoue’s Story

I have had the pleasure of knowing someone with a very interesting lifestyle, yet inspirational in my eyes. The man is only 26 and has broken goals I dream of being able to complete. He holds himself to very high standard and does not stray from the task at hand. This man currently has two magnificent jobs, takes on graduate school, while paying for his living space and owning a 2015 BMW and he is only 26. Rare Norm finds that quite extraordinary! Introducing Chris Lanoue
When did you start working ?
Started working at 14 as a bagger at Shaw’s. Was a Department Manager at 18 (youngest ever). Was an Asst Store Manager at 21 (youngest ever). Graduated in Spring of 2011 (attended Bentley Full Time while Full Time at Shaw’s).
Took a position at Shaw’s Corp as a Category Manager (Dairy/Frozen) right after graduation at 22 (youngest ever). I was in that role for 2 years before being promoted to Director of Nonfoods (yes, youngest ever). A year later I was offered the Director of Buying position at which I leveraged into part ownership and have been living the dream ever since lol. Before coming to, my career was basically a race.
I always seemed to be working with the right people and excelling in each position which led to my expedient rise. I’ve settled into this position as an investment in both time and experience, It allows me to pursue both my Masters while working full time and will also pay out if/when the company sells. It also will provide an invaluable addition to my resume in terms of overall business development.
What is your plan for the future? 5 years from now I would like to be back in merchandising for a major national retailer at Area Director Level which will lead into my 10 year plan to land a VP Level Merchandising position at which point I’ll also be working as an Adjunct Professor of MG/MKT with a focus on retail and merchandising that’s my plan brothahands_holding_future_sig_450

What is your advice for anyone who is trying to achieve a lifestyle like yours?

My advice to someone looking to take a similar career path would be do not get distracted and make smart decisions with your time. A lot of people say they’re good at multi-tasking–but many don’t even know what it really means. It doesn’t mean having the ability to be on a conference call and answering emails at the same time. That’s actually counter productive. It means being able to quickly change gears and put everything you have into the immediate task at hand while following your self made priority list. For me it means getting into work at and being as productive as possible without agonizing about new drink menu roll-outs and what I have for school work. Then going to DnB and focusing on how I can make as much money as possible for the team without being distracted by what I need to do tomorrow at and then going to school and focusing on current assignments and not Eatn Play combos. That’s multi tasking


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