The Power of Affirmation

“The Power of Affirmation”

We as humans each have the ability to think positive but also the ability to refrain from negativity. How do we keep our minds away from what wants to poison us into feeling a certain way that affects our choices and actions? If you think about it, you can’t just feel an emotion if you tell yourself not to feel that way. If I wake up in the morning and see that it is cloudy, I can automatically set myself up if I choose to let my hate for the rain dictate my mood. As my mind thinks on why it hates the rain, my emotions follow what I believe and my actions portray that. I ruined my day already by transmitting my negative emotions to the universe in which it will respond in the way in which I choose to feel. The universe is the hidden world around us. It is the mystery in which the earth has its own way in making the flowers grows, when it decides when it is going to rain, and when it chooses to stop. The ecosystem falls into place with what is hidden inside the universe making everything around us work. We may have an explanation or a way in tracking those things and be able to give an explanation in why those things happen. What we fail to realize is that the world is a mystery itself and works around what we choose to give to it. An affirmation is a way of positive spoken words influencing our thought process into affirming what it is we desire and choose to believe in which it will be implanted in our subconscious. From doing that on a daily basis, it will turn into a habit in which our actions and emotions will reflect on.

“Saturdays Affirmation”

I choose to make life the way I envision it to be.

To make my dreams come true I must first know what it is I want.

I work diligently as I embark on a journey of self-realization.

I choose how I want to act as I say how it is I choose to feel.

My life is a life of richness filled with happiness and gratefulness.

I am excited but thankful for the things I have and not a slave to what I yearn to posses.

I keep my head leveled knowing all things are just materialistic; soon to fade and be replaced.


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