This Cobra Shaped Skyscraper Screams The Future!

The world of skyscrapers has seen some of the most amazing architectural designs that depict creativity beyond explanation. From a skyscraper that cast no shadows, to the Elephant Tower in Bangkok. Architecture just as any form of art has been used to speak a certain message.

This video produced by Tech Insider shows a proposed architectural design by the Russian developer Vasily Klyukin whose architectural designs are always distinctive and symbolic. The video shows a skyscraper that is cobra- shaped that goes by the name Asian Cobra Tower. The Asian- cobra Tower’ design is exactly that, cobra shaped, from the body to the jaws to the mouth.3

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The gold- plated tower’s body will be used as offices and apartments while its open -mouthed headspace will be used as nightclub or restaurant. Moreover, visitors to enjoy an outside view will use the tower’s jaw- shaped terrace. Just as the cobra changes its color, the tower changes color. Furthermore, the tower has diamond – shaped patterns on the back that represent the Chinese Philosophy; Yin and Yang.


The cobra- shaped tower that is proposed to be constructed somewhere in Asia or Middle East hopes to attract investors from Asia and the Middle East. Here, the snake is associated with wisdom and eternal life. Calling someone a cobra in Eastern cities is actually a compliment.

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