Tony Robbins: How To Be More Attractive

In a recent interview with Business Insider, motivational speaker, personal finance instructor, and self-help author Tony Robbins shared some serious insight on why people are drawn to charismatic people:

Motivational speaker, personal finance instructor, and self-help author Tony Robbins

If you’re reading this article, it’s most likely because you want to better yourself, and hopefully in the process, make yourself more attractive. So why are are so attracted to charismatic people? What are  the personality traits/ characteristics of a charismatic person?

Charismatic people don’t obsess over things you can’t control.

Charismatic people focus on what they can do. Here are the thing you can actually do:

  • Be Generous
  • Be Playful
  • Be Warm
  • Be Sincere
  • Be Loving


  • Don’t Bitch
  • Don’t Complain
  • Don’t Whine
  • Don’t Fear
  • Don’t Worry


  • Show Gratitude

Lastly, expectations lead to disappointment. Therefore, it is important that you trade your expectations for appreciation. Start appreciating the people in your life. Appreciation has been directly linked to an increase in overall happiness. This isn’t going to happen overnight. Humans are creatures of habit. It is up to you to make a daily and conscious effort to enforce these habits everywhere you go.

As you begin to practice these principles, you will notice a change in the way people treat you. You will find that people are more receptive to your ideas, willing to support you, and will view you in a positive light.

From everyone here at Rare Norm, we hope everyone has a wonderful, fulfilling, and appreciative thanksgiving! Thank you!


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