Top 10 Essentials For Hiking And Camping Tips With Stanley Brand

Top 10 Essentials For Hiking With Stanley Brand


Looking for a way to end your fall with a certain love one? Hiking has always been a good idea because it gives you a chance to free your mind. Taking a walk into natures utopia has been ways that great thinkers where able to elaborate new ideas without being influenced by external distractions. Maybe this year you are looking for a change in pace or a new reset that will give you an edge on anyone who says that you could not do it. Well walking for a few hours has always been a good solution to creative thinking.Also the health benefits are exponential. Even camping out wouldn’t seem to much like a hassle with proper gear like the ones provided by Stanley brand. But before you head out into the wilderness here are the Top 10 Essentials for Hiking:

1. First aid kit. Prepackaged first-aid kits for hikers are available at any outfitter. Double your effectiveness with knowledge: take a first-aid class with the American Red Cross or a Wilderness First Aid class.

Extra food. Any number of things could keep you out longer than expected: getting lost, enjoying time by a stream, an injury, or difficult terrain. Extra food will help keep up energy and morale.

Map and compass/GPS. A map and compass not only tell you where you are and how far you have to go, it can help you find campsites, water, and an emergency exit route in case of an accident. While GPS units are very useful, always carry a map and compass as a backup.

Appropriate footwear. For a short day hike that doesn’t involve a heavy pack or technical terrain, trail shoesare great. For longer hikes, carrying heavier loads, or more technical terrain, hiking boots offer more support.

Top 10 Essentials:

Sun screen and sun glasses. Especially above treeline when there is a skin-scorching combination of sunand snow, you’ll need sunglasses to prevent snow blindness and sunscreen to prevent sunburn.

Knife or multi-purpose tool. These enable you to cut strips of cloth into bandages, remove splinters, fix broken eyeglasses, and perform a whole host of repairs on malfunctioning gear.

Rain gear and extra clothing. Because the weatherman is not always right. Dressing in layers allows you to adjust to changing weather and activity levels. Two rules: avoid cotton (it keeps moisture close to your skin) and always carry a hat.

Extra water and a way to purify it. Without enough water, your body’s muscles and organs simply can’t perform as well. Consuming too little water will not only make you thirsty, but susceptible to hypothermia and altitude sickness.



Safety items: fire, light, and a whistle. The warmth of a fire and a hot drink can help prevent hypothermia. Fires are also a great way to signal for help if you get lost. If lost, you’ll also want the whistle as it is more effective than using your voice to call for help (use 3 short bursts). And just in case you’re out later than planned, a flashlight/headlamp is a must-have item to see your map and where you’re walking.

Hence why these are the Top 10Essentials for hiking!

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