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Titanic II Is Set to Hit Seas in 2022

a couple of weeks ago

According to a recent report from CNN, Titanic II, the successor to the Titanic, is set to hit seas in 2022. The full-size replica of the Titanic was first conceived by Australian businessman and politician Clive Palmer back in 2012 and will cost over $500 million USD to recreate. Titanic II aims to hold approximately […]

The Top 10 Haunted Places On Earth

3 weeks ago

Halloween is almost upon us, prompting folks to search out all things spooky to celebrate the holiday properly. This includes visiting escape rooms and notoriously haunted houses. As such, we’ve compiled a list of haunted locations scattered across the world that are accessible any day of the year, not just October 31. These haunted landmarks […]

India’s Pakyong Airport In Himalayan Mountains

last month

India recently opened its new Pakyong Airport situated 4,593 feet in the Himalayan mountains. The facility was built for the Sikkim state in the northeastern region of the country bordered by Bhutan, Tibet, and Nepal. Helmed by engineers at Punj Lloyd, the Indian company claims that the runway was constructed out of the tallest reinforcement […]

EU to End Daylight Savings Time for Citizens

a couple of months ago

The end of daylight savings time is likely to happen in Europe as its citizens have voiced their wishes to finally rid of the bi-annual practice of switching between summer and winter time. Of some 4.6 million citizens asked, 84% of them responded that they do want the “turning of the clock” ritual to cease. […]

Most Liveable Cities in the World 2018 List

a couple of months ago

Returning for 2018, The Economist‘s Intelligence Unit recently released its annual Global Liveability Index, which ranks the world’s cities in terms of best living conditions. The annual list compares 140 cities based on scores taken from qualitative and quantitative factors across categories of stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education and infrastructure. Some metrics considered in […]

Morukuru Beach Lodge in South Africa

a few months ago

For those in search of a memorable experience that exists outside the traditional South African trip, the Morukuru Family presents the Morukuru Beach Lodge. Located on the same coastline as Western Cape’s De Hoop Nature Reserve, the Morukuru Beach Lodge — situated less than a mile away from the Morukuru Ocean House — is an […]

retaW Porta Fragrance Capsules Release

a few months ago

retaW is gearing up to launch a new line of portable hard cream perfume called Porta Fragrance. The selection of scents include “Natural Mystic” comprised of patchouli and vanilla, “Allen” that is made using floral lily fragrance with a slight sour element, “Evelyn” that features a fruity scent of champagne and bergamot, and “Barney” that […]

‘The North Awakens’ Drone Footage of Iceland

a few months ago

A quick Google search of Iceland will perhaps result in links upon links of its gorgeous landscapes. However, the land of ice and fire has never been more beautifully portrayed than in this new video entitled The North Awakens. Artists Jonathan Besler, Kevin May, and Florian Gampert recorded breathtaking drone footage of the Nordic island […]

Emirates Boeing 777 First Class Suites Video

a few months ago

Emirates has premiered a video exploring its new first-class suites onboard Boeing 777 flights. The rooms boast a wealth of luxurious details befitting of its king-size price tag. Equipped with lighting and temperature control, each Mercedes-Benz-inspired nook offers guests a seat that reclines into a bed, complete with covers and pillow. Window seats come equipped […]

Snøhetta Completes Museum in Saudi Arabia

a few months ago

Ten years later The King Abdelaziz Center for World Culture is complete. Designed by Snøhetta, the building is located in oil city Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. The complex utilizes a keystone arrangement evocative of Stonehenge with a middle stone suspended while remaining elements uphold the foundation. The facade, purposely left uncovered, reveals CNC stainless steel tubes. […]

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