About 1,500 Americans Wash up in Canada during the Port Huron Float Down

On recent news 1,500 Americans floated across river revelry to end up illegally crossing into Canada.

Participants in the usually port huron float down, are usually suppose to ride the waves in flotation devices down the St.Clair river.0ffaaa14-cc8b-4616-9de8-4a917657eb14

But the day took un unexpected turn when strong winds blew the floaters onto the Canadian shore. The great part is several people were intoxicated and had no form of identification. It took about 19 busses and 6 hours to get all those people to us customs and border protection.

All the americans were very grateful to their rescuers!

One Women even Stated ”  God Bless Canada”

So for anyone looking for a quick trip to Canada just attend the float down next year!

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