Airbnb Offers Free Stay in Research Craft Alucia

Airbnb Offers Free Stay in Research Craft Alucia

After offering stays in Frank Lloyd Wright’s Eppstein House and the LEGO house, Airbnb is going even bigger: two lucky contest winners will enjoy a brief stay aboard the research vessel Alucia.

Recently utilized to film scenes for the BBC documentary Blue Planet, the Alucia is designed to conduct scientific research at sea. One of the show’s producers, Orla Doherty, will welcome the contest winners aboard the ship and brief them on the rules, which include, “No skinny dipping,” “No sleepwalking or night swimming” and “No selfies with the deep sea creatures.” Aside from staying in their own private cabin, the winners will dine with the crew and watch them work on projects, before experiencing an undersea adventure onboard one of the two submersibles aboard the Alucia.

The contest ends on February 10 and you can enter on Airbnb’s website — all you have to do is send in a 50- to 550-character essay about “what you dream of exploring beneath the waves.”

For those who prefer a more opulent destination, the Guntû luxury cruise ship is now open for business.

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