Gladden Private Island Resort in Belize

Gladden Private Island Resort in Belize

For those in search of a vacation getaway that offers the absolute most possible privacy you can get, the Gladden Private Island Resort in Belize intends to give you everything you’re looking for and more.

Brought to life by Vision Properties CEO David Keener and Private Islands Inc CEO and Island Hunters executive producer/host Chris Krolow, the Gladden Private Island Resort is billed as “the world’s most private island resort.” Located in the Caribbean’s Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System, the Gladden Private Island Resort — situated on the small island of Gladden — is “on the edge of the widest and most picturesque section” of its region, which boasts “the longest reef in the Western Hemisphere and the 2nd largest in the World.” Notably, Gladden can be found “20 miles off the coast of Placencia, Belize,” and is the “furthest island out from the mainland and closest to the protected side of the reef.” The team behind this travel venture labels as the Gladden area as “one of the most beautiful locations in the world.”

“A swirl of turquoise and aquamarine lagoons cradle Gladden, an island fringed with coral and white sand in the heart of the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System. This island jewel harbors your own private sanctuary, a casually elegant villa designed for just one couple, with the all-inclusive service of a luxury resort,” reads an official description of he Gladden Private Island Resort experience. “There is a second master suite should you wish to share Gladden with friends or family. Our staff resides unseen on the smaller island behind Gladden, ready to respond to any request at a moment’s notice. A “privacy meter” indicates if a member of the team is on the main island for any reason, because we want our guests to feel free to be themselves. There are no other neighbors – it’s just you and the views.”

You can take a look at the Gladden Private Island Resort above. If you’re interested in learning more about the aforementioned destination or are ready to book your own reservations, head on over to the official Gladden Private Island Resort website.

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