In 2016 Head to Santorini Island For a Well Deserved Vacation

santorini-greece-whichgreekislandcouksantorini-island-day-trip-in-heraklion-141676Santorini has some of the most magnificent beaches known to man. The are trade mark for the red and black sand on the beaches. The fall and spring season are known for warm weather, but very few tourists take advantage of it. You can find some great deals on prime hotels if you skirt the summer crowds with a shoulder season visit. Hungry? Head inland while the thought of munching on fresh seafood while digging your toes into the sand may sound fantastic, many of the beachfront restaurants charge high prices for not-so-great food. For a more authentic and less expensive meal, try a taverna in town. Towns like Oia tend to attract honeymooners and wealthy travelers. You’ll find much more reasonably priced rooms in southeastern towns like Kamari and Perissa.

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“This is the MOST beautiful place on earth! I remember how I almost cried every time I saw the purple sky after sunset merging with the sea to the point that you couldn’t see the horizon. It was an abidance of color and felt like being in a painting. It was so magical that I thought I died and went to heaven! This island’s beauty is definitely a gift from the Gods to humanity! EXQUISITE!” – Anonymous



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