Oimatsu Hidden Onsen Bathhouse | HYPEBEAST

Oimatsu Hidden Onsen Bathhouse | HYPEBEAST

Architecture can veer from the standard to the strange, not to mention spooky. This bathhouse, in what appears to be a decrepit building, turns out to house a secret onsen. Arguably one of Japan’s most hidden spots, the Oimatsu Onsen, meaning “old pine,” has recently been discovered by a handful of daring travellers, proving such a place exists.

At first glance, it looks just like a half-tore down house, but it does not end there. As you venture further in, you’re met with collapsed ceilings, peeling wallpaper, cave-like tunnels, all to arrive a beautiful bathhouse that not from this era.

This is definitely on the top of ours list for places to visit next. Let us know if you’d ever find you way to the “Dungeon Onsen” during your next trip to Japan.

In other news involving unique buildings, Take a tour inside the “porno” house from ‘the Big Lebowski.’

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