retaW Porta Fragrance Capsules Release

retaW is gearing up to launch a new line of portable hard cream perfume called Porta Fragrance. The selection of scents include “Natural Mystic” comprised of patchouli and vanilla, “Allen” that is made using floral lily fragrance with a slight sour element, “Evelyn” that features a fruity scent of champagne and bergamot, and “Barney” that offers a relaxing scent of soap bubbles infused with ozone and cedarwood. Collectively, the scents are packaged inside capsules that are easy to carry during your travels.

A total of 16 capsules are packed inside a box of an individual scent. An official release is slated for August 1 at retaW’s online shop and select stockists. Each box will set you back ¥2,400 JPY (approx. $21 USD).

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