Uber’s New Service is 50% Cheaper Than Pool Rides

Uber's New Service is 50% Cheaper Than Pool Rides

Uber has launched a new Express Pool option which is meant to streamline the joint ride experience. The service assigns multiple people to certain gathering points to reduce pickup times between various destinations. The convenient update will discount rides up to 50-percent the price of a traditional Pool ride. Cities like San Francisco and Boston already have the service, but it will now launch in Washington D.C. and Philadelphia. The feature is being tested in high traffic cities before the eventual nationwide rollout.

Uber admits that the pickup wait will be longer but it will give other riders a chance to join the carpool. In response to critics who compared the service to that of a bus, Uber’s Director of Product shares: “We don’t think that this is at all like a bus. Three of the fundamental things about how buses work is they have fixed pickup and drop-off spots, a fixed route and a fixed time schedule that they’re operating on. Everything about the Express Pool product is dynamic.”

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