Vincent Laforet AIR in MOTION Los Angeles Video

Vincent Laforet AIR in MOTION Los Angeles Video

In recent years, talented photographer Vincent Laforet has showcased incredible aerial views of major American cities such as New York City and Las Vegas. Now, following a previous trip to Los Angeles, Laforet returns to the City of Angels for another dazzling visual exploration.

This time around, Laforet employs video documentation for his latest aerial video. Over the course of seven minutes, the Air creator uses a RED 8K Helium camera and a Fujinon Premier 18-85mm T2.0 lens to show viewers the best the Los Angeles landscape has to offer.

“I’ve been waiting for several years to bring AIR (laforetAIR.com) to life with motion,” shares Laforet. “This is by no means a final edit, but [it’s] in the proof of concept stage.”

You can check out Vincent Laforet’s “AIR in MOTION Proof of Concept – Los Angeles” video above. To find out about more unique endeavors involving the LA area, learn about Frank Gehry’s plans for Santa Monica and the “Ocean Avenue Project.”