Willow Smith Says Be Yourself

Willow Smith Says Be Yourself

willow smith

Willow Smith is the daughter of Jada-Pinkett Smith and Will Smith. We recognize Willow from her first hit single in 2010 “I whip my hair back and forth”. At the time of the music video, Willow was just ten years old.  Unlike most kids her age, Willow was given the opportunity to focus solely on her craft and truly take the time to follow her passion. Her parents were open to any of her endeavors as long as she was successful.  Having this amazing background, Willow has inspired many and continues to be a role model for young females and artists. 

I have not personally interviewed Willow myself, but as I listen to her lyrics, I feel that she is sending a message to other females. Willow’s recently new song called “I Am Me”, does exactly this.Though she refers to herself, the love that she has for herself can be extended to others. For females especially, because if Willow is conscious of one thing, it is the fact that so many women are told how to act, how to dress, etc. Willow’s message to females is the same message that she can give to herself– be who you want to be, because everyone else is taken.

Over the years, Willow’s growth has made me think of what I contribute to the world. Part of Willow’s growth and character, is a result of her family’s teachings. Considering Willow’s family background, I have always questioned whether I would be different if I had been blessed with talented parents. Yet, because of Willow’s personal growth, I have gathered the strength to be great. Like Willow, I have allowed myself to embrace my kind of beauty and be confident that people will do the same. Undoubtedly, a lesson here is that it is possible to be anything you want to be. 

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