Why The Cancellation Of MTV’s “Faking It” Was To Be Expected

Why The Cancellation Of MTV’s “Faking It” Was To Be Expected


“Faking It” is a romantic comedy series that ran on MTV for three seasons before it’s cancellation was announced on May 13. The series finale premiered May 17. Aired April 22, 2014, “Faking It’s” plot revolved around Amy Raudenfeld (Rita Volk) and Karma Ashcroft (Katie Stevens) two best friends in high school who acted as a lesbian couple to gain popularity. What started out as a controversial idea turn into a show about a girl questioning her sexuality as she found herself falling in love with her straight best friend. The story told was an experience relatable to many LGBT individuals, who made up the core audience and boosted ratings through the first few seasons.

“Faking It” gained a cult following for being one of the few shows that explored LGBT issues in the modern day. That being said, its driving point was always Karmy (the ship name for Karma and Amy). Many fans had been rooting for Karmy since season 1, yet the third season made no attempt to explore Karma’s feelings for Amy, despite the hints that had been thrown in since the start of the series. As the show’s central plot began to drag itself out, the ratings plummeted until its seemingly inevitable cancellation.

The series finale “Up in Flames” left a lot to be desired. While many of the characters had a happy ending, Karma and Amy’s history had remained unresolved as the two of them shared their final kiss with other people. Executive producer Carter Covington revealed that, while he intended to have Karma and Amy date in a future season, his plans for the series involved breaking them up to avoid ruining their friendship. Many devoted viewers were disappointed at the series finale as well as Covington’s letter, lesbian and bi women in particular, who felt cheated of the representation that they had hoped for since the start of the series.

So what does this mean for the future of lesbian and bi women in television? As more series rating decrease from a result of LGBT character mistreatment, many wish for more happy endings to give hope to the community, who face many hardships in everyday life.

-Alexia Puente

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