Actor Ruben Bugayong: How Having an Intense Personal Drive Can Fuel Your Acting Career

Interview with Actor Ruben Bugayong


How Having an Intense Personal Drive Can Fuel Your Acting Career!

Q: Where are you from and when did you start acting?

A: My name is Ruben Bugayong or I like to tell people its ruben get your buggie on (lol). I’m from Phoenix Arizona born and raised. I started acting when I was in fifth grade and my mother signed me up for a TV show called Pet Story which was on animal planet. When I started I did two episodes of Pet Story and that was it. Then back in about 2008 I did a bit of background work on “Take me home tonight” in Arizona and that had some notable actors involved. I didn’t get back into acting until October of 2015. I initially linked up with someone out in Los Angeles who was getting me voice acting gigs and from there I was able to find my self landing several Radio commercials and Tv commercials.


Q: What is your background in acting ? What are some notable performances ? 

A: I can gladly say I had some work on “Chicago Fire”, “Homicide Hunter”, “A couple of Tyler Perry TV shows”, “Six” (History Channel) and I’m flying out to Atlanta this Wednesday to film a TV show coming out next year called “Brockmeyer” a comedy styled show featuring Hank Azaria who does voices for the Simpson’s. Also if they make the edit I will be in the new True Crimes movie. I have also done some background work on Battle Of The Sexes which comes out next year featuring Emma Stone and Steve Carroll. One more notable performance is I will be on season 3 of “Love and Hip Hop LA”.

Q: What gave you the drive to continue through the normal struggle of an acting career?
A: Honestly it was in my mind set, I was thinking about it the past couple of years and I kept telling myself “I want to get back into it, I want to get back into it”. Everyone kept telling me you need to be on a stage , you need to be on a screen. Once I got started I did everything on my own, I searched the internet , read books. I sent the emails , contacted the people. Got my photo shoots and set my portfolio done to the best of my ability.
Q: What sets you apart from the average actor?

A: I can adapt to any environment and have a wide range of characters I can portray professionally.


Q: What are some practices you do to help you excel in your field?

A: Stand up comedy and I do skits all day. I also just practice all day and night! In the shower, with friends. Whenever I have the chance. 

Q: If you could have your dream role what would it be? And what famous actors would you like involved?
A: A Lead role written by Seth Rogan and James Franco. Give me an hour with those guys and we can write a movie worth me being the lead in. whats funny is 2 years ago i was able to meet James franco in New York and I made him laugh a couple of times.

Q: 5 years from now where would you like to see yourself ?

A: Lead actor or supporting actor in LA. All in All I have the drive to be a Lead actor , Ill be up at 5 AM to be in Atlanta for Love and Hip Hop.