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Brian Bomster- Jabs: Love What You Do and Do What You Love.


Everyone has a story to tell and the beauty of it is that these stories are not planned out or scripted. When we look at artist we forget that these are people that offer up their work to express themselves and are storytellers. Here at Rare Norm, we discovered an artist by the name of […]

Every Single Student Paints One Rock For The Coolest Elementary Art Project, Ever

a day ago

An elementary school in Indiana combined creativity and literature to create a beautiful piece of art that will encourage students for years to come to be true to themselves. Students grades K-5 at Sharon elementary school in Newburgh, IN painted rocks inspired by the book Only One You, by Linda Kranz to create a colorful […]

I Illustrated Mental Illness And Disorders For Inktober

a couple of days ago

Pixie Dust 12 months ago I always find it fascinating how others see me, compared to how I see myself. While I understand the interpretation, and it is mesmerizing. I find, for me, it feels, like a perpetual black hole inside that nothing can fill, and, forever trying to decipher the reality of what is […]

How Photography Changed Daniel Regan’s Life for the better

a few days ago

Photographer and visual artist Daniel Regan grew up with a neighborhood mentality. Venice, California contained everything he knew and cared about. The environment crafted his sincere and creative spirit but, at the same time, it limited his scope and held him back. In order to step ahead and beyond, he had to leave behind his […]

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