Stefan Oz Teaches Us about the Art Of Buugeng

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What made you start buugeng training ?

I just started for fun with classic toss juggling. Then I was totally excited by the results I got after some days of training/playing around. When I saw contact juggling for the first time I tought if I can toss 3 balls correctly, I can do that too. And that was right, I spent more than 10 years with spheres and I can say I’m quite good at it…now I would like to grow more with buugengs, I know that If I work hard, results will come. I think all this juggling-thing I do is quite a personal challenge to see where my body and training can lead. But one important reason to juggle for me is that this makes me a special guy with superpowers hehehe smile emoticon

What is this style of art called ?

-This art is called manipulation, Buugengs are a graphical form of it, but they even include spinning and pure finger manipulation

How long have you been doing it and did you start with anything else ?

– I effectively started real buugeng training on september 2015, as I bought my led buugeng. Previously I had a pair of self made wood buugeng, but without led they didn’t catch me as well as led-ones. When I saw led buugeng, I fell like I found the missing detail to start seriously working with them.

What is the name of the things you hold ?

– The name of the props is Buugeng, mines are even equipped with led lights


If you had any advice for anyone trying to get into it , what would you tell them?

– For anyone that would like to start learning buugeng but even any other juggling form is to work hard on basic movement, that’s the way I do it. Repeat simple moves then go on building harder ones. I absolutely think that good basics make the difference to get into a good or bad performance.13230285_1710161919271150_3833007940467343051_n

How far would you like to take this and if you could tell me where you would like to be in 5 years?

– I don’t know how far would this thing take me, but I’m anxious to discover it. Every day is an improvement of the previous day, and I want to grow with this great and young tool with almost infinite styles and possibilities.

– In the beginning this juggling-manipulation thing was for me just a hobby. In the past years I barely considered me as a professional artist, but recently, I started to imagine me like that. I started busking in the street and in some events with my spheres (and recently even with buugengs) and people liked that, I liked that. Today my dream is to live as an artist, have shows, teach people and contribute to juggling community growing.