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How Photography Changed Daniel Regan’s Life for the better

5 days ago

Photographer and visual artist Daniel Regan grew up with a neighborhood mentality. Venice, California contained everything he knew and cared about. The environment crafted his sincere and creative spirit but, at the same time, it limited his scope and held him back. In order to step ahead and beyond, he had to leave behind his […]

Going Against the Norm with Eric Zeller

last year

If you had to take your eye out would you use a spoon or a knife? and Why? Oh man, I think I would go with the spoon, because I could just pop it out right away. With a knife i would have to jab at it and a spoon would be just one thrust. […]

A Look Into The Pirelli Calendar 2016

last year

A Look into the Pirelli Calendar 2016 A very strong set of very simple portraits. The Pirelli calendar is a beautiful peace of work. It shows Amy Schumer and Serena Williams among 13 women that famous American photographer Annie Leibovitz chose for the 43rd Pirelli calendar. The premise of the shoot is to highlight the […]

Capturing the City with Chris Rocco

last year

Chris Rocco is a freelance photographer, born in New Jersey and now based in Boston, MA. He attends school at Suffolk University where he is pursuing a BSBA in Marketing. Purchased his first DSLR camera in January of 2015 and began shooting photographs in a variety of themes using the streets of Boston as his […]

Top Drone Shot Photos of 2015

last year

Drones have caught the attention of nations and people tend to forget how they can be used to create art. Aerial photography has had a boom since drones are becoming a lot more readily accessible, and Dronestagram is doing their finest to emphasize a few of these fantastic pictures.It had presided over Jean and Ken […]

Top 10 Travel Photo’s of 2015 by National Geographic

last year

The publication’s 2015 roundup of best travel pictures, this really is just what you get, and in spades. Each picture manages to capture an essence of greatness way past the typical “point and shoot” method of capture, with images that range from the snow-covered Yellowstone Park to the maximal waterfall in Ecuador. Browse through the […]

New Photography Tips to go Pro in Just 20 Days in 2015

last year

Increasingly individuals are switching from film cameras to digital cameras; this consists of amateurs and professionals. There are so many nice enhancing instruments that you should utilize in your digital photos that weren’t so available with a movie. Nonetheless, earlier than you begin altering your photos, you need to take the photographs. I like to […]

5 Photography Tips For Printing Photos in 2015

last year

5 Photography Tips For Printing Photos in 2015 The progress made in recent times by the printer manufactures permits skilled photographers and beginner photographers alike to print high-quality pictures. Apart from the saves made by printing your pictures, perhaps the most important attraction is the infinite possibilities to tweak and try different photo reproduction strategies […]