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5 Tips How to Throw An Awesome Football Party With Papa Johns

10 months ago

5 Tips How to Throw An Awesome Football Party With @PapaJohns .Visit here: https://t.co/b25YYTgshh #FanTastyFootball https://t.co/BWeizfKr2N pic.twitter.com/7I1OIVJOe1 — Rare Norm (@Rarenorm) October 10, 2016 5 Tips How to Throw An Awesome Football Party With Papa Johns 1. Invite Your Top Starters Always make sure to invite people you know and love. You never want to invite […]

Papaya Candy–A Culturally Diverse Dessert

last year

Papaya Candy –A culturally diverse dessert Papaya Candy is a dessert shared between the Cape Verdean and Puerto Rican culture. I had believed for quite some time that this queer dessert was only a Cape Verdean thing, but papayas have made their way to almost 60 countries.The papaya is originally from southern Mexico, Central America, […]

Ever wonder how to Husk a Coconut ?!

last year

Chief Kap Te’o-Tafiti shows how to husk a coconut… with his teeth! “No need a can opener”. Also if any teeth or injuries occur in the process of you attempting to husk a coconut like this. We are not to blame! Fun Fact : Samoans traditionally husk a coconut by firmly thrusting it onto the sharpened […]

6 Superfoods That will Boost the Way You Think By Robert Reeves

last year

Every food has its own individual vibration. When you’re in the grocery store, you intuitively pick up on that energy. Consider the process when you’d like to buy some apples. What you naturally do is scan over the assortment on display, choose one in particular, and pop that in your basket. Then you scan again […]

Sushi Burgers are the New Food Craze

last year

Every several years the net kicks up a weird food trend . A few years back it was the “ Cronuts which was a mix between croissants and donuts.” We’re unsure why Fox News reported on web food trends when all they do is a question the quality of Obama’s birth certificate, but perhaps they […]

Powerful Herbs and Stratagies to Improve Your Brain Function By Brigitte Mars

last year

Brains will sprout new connections between cells as long as the environment challenges or stimulates. The saying, “Use it or you lose it” applies to brain power as well as other aspects of our lives. Neurotransmitters are chemical messengers the brain uses to communicate. Transmission of signals across the synapses is regulated by some thirty […]

Beef sashimi, a pure treat when pulled off right!

last year

Sashimi (Japanese: 刺身, pronounced [saɕimiꜜ]; /səˈʃiːmiː/) is a Japanese delicacy consisting of very fresh raw meat or fish sliced into thin pieces. Beef sashimi After taking a trip to a nearby restaurant in boson this is our favorite meal of the day. This delectable plate is sure to please your tummy in all sorts of […]

American Meat Cost Exposed!

last year

Okay, the meat cost aren’t exposed and never will be, the government would never let that information out. But the video below depicts the hidden fees associated with our meats consumed regularly. Save the Cows,

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