4 Awesome Shakes Made To Improve Your 2016 Morning

4 Awesome Shakes Made To Improve Your 2016 Morning

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Look, we’re combining the very best tasting milkshake mix on the planet, the most nutrients you’ll be able to get in one shake. These mixes are made to provide you with a lifestyle you never dreamed possible, especially if you’ve fought with being over weight.Milkshakes-January

Summer Breakfast Cooler — I’ve been having this one for breakfast. You want 8 ounces unsweetened Almond Silk, about 3-4 frozen strawberries and 3-4 frozen chopped peaches. In the event you’d like add about a tablespoon of vanilla extract. Throw in 4 ice cubes, 2 scoops of Visalus milkshake mixture and fusion. It is an excellent method to begin the day.

Fuzzy Navel — This drink is for all you peach lovers, adds that excellent flavor in a drink everyone can enjoy this morning. 4 oz vanilla unsweetened almond milk, 4 ounces orange juice, 3 peach pieces, 2 scoops of shake mix and 4 ice cubes.

Mocha Coffee — 2 scoops visalus milkshake mixture, 2 teaspoons instant coffee, 1 tsp hot chocolate power (unsweetened), 8 oz Unsweetened Almond Milk, 5 Ice Cubes, combine it well.

Caramel Mixer – 8 ounces Unsweetened almond milk, 1 teaspoon sugar free caramel flavoring, 5 ice cubes and 2 scoops of visalus milkshake mix.

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