Crash At This Amazing Super Mario Themed Airbnb

Crash At This Amazing Super Mario Themed Airbnb

If you are a Super Mario fan then this room is for you! For everyone that grew up in the Super Mario era surely understands how amazing this game is. Computer programmer, Andre Farinha has completely renovated his Lisbon apartment into a Super Mario fan house. Every aspect of the apartment will have you feeling like you are virtually walking through the game. From toadstools, drainpipes, projectile flowers, and so much more. Also, there are multiple Nintendo systems inside of the apartment from Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, GameCube etc. What makes this apartment so special? ANYONE can have a stay; so long as your’e a super Super Mario fan. The Super Mario themed Airbnb apartment is only $38/night. If you are trying to experience something new and revisit your childhood this Airbnb apartment would be ideal. Shall you ever visit Lisbon, Portugal skip the hotel and stay at this amazing apartment and relive your childhood memories. Stay tuned to Rarenorm for any new themed apartments featuring Airbnb.

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