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Burning Man Is one of the greatest festivals ever!

9 months ago

Burning man is on of the greatest festivals ever! Once a year, tens of thousands of people gather in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert or “the playa” to create Black Rock City, a temporary metropolis dedicated to community, art, self-expression, and self-reliance. Even considering going for the first time can be daunting. And while it’s true […]

About 1,500 Americans Wash up in Canada during the Port Huron Float Down

9 months ago

On recent news 1,500 Americans floated across river revelry to end up illegally crossing into Canada. Participants in the usually port huron float down, are usually suppose to ride the waves in flotation devices down the St.Clair river. But the day took un unexpected turn when strong winds blew the floaters onto the Canadian shore. […]

Wat Nawamintararachutis: NMR Buddhist Meditation Center

11 months ago

                                                              Wat Nawamintararachutis Wat Nawamintararachutis is the Thai Buddhist temple located in Raynham, Massachusetts.  For short, Wat Nawamin, was established in the year of 2002 […]

Island Profile: Greek Islands: Santorini!

last year

Island Profile: Greek Islands: Santorini! Just  a few days ago, I was looking for some interesting places to travel. During my search I stumbled upon a group of islands on the southeast coast of Greek Islands, the Cyclades. However, there was a one island that caught all my attention: Santorini, one of the major travel […]

In 2016 Head to Santorini Island For a Well Deserved Vacation

last year

Santorini has some of the most magnificent beaches known to man. The are trade mark for the red and black sand on the beaches. The fall and spring season are known for warm weather, but very few tourists take advantage of it. You can find some great deals on prime hotels if you skirt the […]

USA Travel Destinations 2015

last year

There are many parts of the U.S. that everyone should explore, so we have made a list of USA Travel Destinations for you to enjoy! New York City Known as the Big Apple , with so much to do check out the neighborhoods like SoHo, East Village, and West Village. Go shopping around time square, visit […]

UK Travel Destination

last year

Here are some of top destinations to visit around the UK. UK Travel Destination 1-6 London a popular destination among many. The city has a great art, fashion, food, history, and music scene. Check out the South Bank and Bank-side where you can easily walk around and see the many different activities and attractions they […]


last year

My friend and I were conversating the other day about which US travel destinations we would like to go to this coming winter and I couldn’t really think of any. So we decided to make a list of top destinations we think would be rather pleasant to go to this winter and year round. Also, […]