The Vision Expressed: Victoria Beckham

Fashion Week

The streets are filled this week with all sorts of styles. Champagne is being poured, tables are being served; parties are being thrown while New York welcomes another season of Fashion week. While we know celebrities are getting ready to showcase   some of their taste in style, I love looking into the lives of some of the designers we hear about during this exciting but most definitely hectic week. Victoria Beckham is one of the many designers who stand out with her unique taste on creating what we can call a vivid collection with its own authentic taste. She just isn’t the wife of a football star but she carries her own Legacy by the way her hands move, creating what her mind envisions. As cliché as it sounds; Dreams do come true. It takes self-realization and belief in order to make whatever we want happen. Though many people try to bring her down with negativity, Beckham is always silencing her haters with each collection she brings, showing its intensity of beauty that many can’t deny. She is a true fashion icon.



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