88Rising Rappers Save A Virtual Reality Puppy

88Rising Rappers Save A Virtual Reality Puppy

It goes without saying, but virtual reality has only become more realistic looking as time goes on. So when 88rising got a bunch of rappers to strap on VR headsets in order to save a puppy from falling to its demise, all sorts of hilarity ensued.

Artists ranging from Fat Nick to Famous Dex attempted to cross a wooden plank over the edge of a skyscraper in an attempt to save a wide-eyed dog, but not all were successful.

Dex’s fear of heights made him bail out on the pup altogether, while lowkey animal loves like Saint JHN celebrated in saving the pupper. We also learned Wifisfuneral‘s favorite breed is a french bulldog.

Check out the visuals above, then watch Jimmy Fallon take on Ninja in a retro game challenge.

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